Bangladesh Betar add Chinese language to its overseas broadcasting

Bangladesh Betar add Chinese language to its overseas broadcasting

Dhaka Correspondent,

Alongside with Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Nepali, the Chinese language will be added as the 7th language in Bangladesh Betar’s external program broadcast. A proposal in this regard is in progress, according to the department of External service of Bangladesh Betar unit director Kamal Ahmed. He said Chinese and Persian language was considered to add as 7th and 8th language and now they are prioritizing Chinese to start as soon as possible. The Chinese-language programs are expected to broadcast in Bangladesh Betar within 2017. They are currently broadcasting radio programs in six languages. This state media has been broadcasting programs as part of their external service unit is languages e.g. Bangla, English, Urdu, Nepali, Arabic and Hindi. This unit acts as an audio ambassador of Bangladesh said, Kamal Ahmad. It broadcast programs for the listeners in foreign countries having an interest in Bangladesh and for the expatriate Bangladeshis particularly living in Europe and the Middle East. He also added that this unit had been working, directly and indirectly, to improve the relationship with the neighboring country by providing objective information and light-hearted entertainment which maintains a good image of Bangladesh in the world. The program includes News, reviews, music, drama, history, heritage, and cultural celebrations in all six languages. In addition, special programs broadcast on the occasion of Independence Day, Victory day, International mother language day etc.


The External Service of Bangladesh Betar went on air from 1st January 1972 to project the country’s image to the overseas audience. First, it was only in English and Hindi as they were broadcasted in two different sessions. 1st session spanned from 6:30 pm to 7 pm which targeted middle east and Asia’s other country.  2nd one was at 11.45pm to 1 am at night which broadcasted programs for Europe. At the beginning, Hindi program broadcasted at 8 pm to 9 pm. According to the radio source, Syed Kamal was the first artist in Hindi service. She was associated with better till 1987. One of her colleagues was Kalpana Sinha. Later Salim Ahmed Siddiqui, rehab Uddin Ahmed, Ehtesham Uddin, Vinay Mishra, Deepak Sagar, Nurullah Ansari, Akhtari Begum, Afroza Yasmin also added to the team. Currently, from 9.15 pm to 9.45 pm, India targeted Hindi programs are being aired.


Before independence Urdu and Nepali-language radio programs also been broadcasted, but it was not under a separate 1972 Urdu and Nepali language were associated with External service alongside English and Hindi.  Currently, with the Nepali students to participation program targeting Nepal are being aired in 7;15 to 7:45 at evening.


At the beginning of the Urdu-language telecast in Bangladesh Betar was one hour which is now reduced to half an hour at night at 8 pm top 8:30 pm targeting Pakistan. Meanwhile, at the end of 1972 with principal Alauddin Al-Azhari’s advice who was a translator in Bangla academy at that time, Betar added Arabic broadcast. Promoting newly independent country to outside world was the primary objective here. Currently, from 10 pm to 10.30 pm the programs being aired for target Area Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Bahrain.

Kamal Ahmed informed that one point Pashtu, Punjabi language program was also aired which is discontinued now.