Will Return of Chinese Soldier Thaw Sino-India Relations?

Will Return of Chinese Soldier Thaw Sino-India Relations?


After facilitating the return of Chinese soldier who was stuck in India for over 50 years, India will soon facilitate the release of Chinese crew members of cargo ship detained in India for more than a month.

The Chinese cargo ship named ‘Union Demeter’ from Nantong in Jiangsu province in Eastern China, has been detained at Haldia port for more than a month by a court order as the company failed to pay refueling expenses. Owner of the ship, Nanjiang Tranvast Holdings, was declared bankrupt and left crew members on their own. The ship has been detained since it was unloaded at Haldia port in December last year.

Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata has coordinated with the local government in Jiangsu and the Indian authorities to facilitate the release of the crew members.

“With the joint efforts of all sides, progress has been made for resolving relevant problems. We believe that the crew members can go back home soon. We are in close contact with the ship’s captain Dai

Xiaosong about the situation on the ship and three diplomats including Cai Zhifeng, Deputy Consul General, have boarded the ship to see the crew members,” a statement from the Chinese Consul General Ma Zhanwu said.

Chinese shipping industry is in crisis due to failing demand and oversupply, causing several shipping companies to file for bankruptcy.