Up the hills and down the river

Up the hills and down the river

SAM Staff,
Valley unveiled


Nature at is pristine best. This is the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

The hill tracts are nestled in the southeast of Bangladesh, replete in rivers and hills. Around 14 indigenous culturally diverse communities have been living for years in the three districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Their lifestyles and economic activities are starkly different from the mainstream Bangladesh. They are dependent on jhum, also known as ‘shifting cultivation’.


Sun sets on the river Sangu


Bandarban is one of the districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Most of the remote places have no road links with the main town. The people travel on foot. Some depend on the river Sangu to go to the bazaar or the nearest town. Remakri is one such place where the people travel down the Sangu to go to town.


Rocky route at Remakri


Three communities, Bwam, Marma and Tripura, live in Remakri. Along with jhum cultivation, some of them have started up the tourist trade and have opened up shops here and there. They depend hugely on the river and the hills for their livelihood.


Bathing in the river


Misty Morning


Mist and Mystery


In winter the Remakri takes a rather mysterious turn. The people adapt their lifestyles accordingly to survive in a natural way.


to town by boat


Punting with bamboo poles


Sometimes they have to go against the flow of the river, sometimes with the flow. It can be a time-consuming trip to come from Thanchi upazila, going against the river current.

The women of the Marma community often go fishing in the river while the children play around on the rocks. Their rituals revolve around the river and the rock called Boro Pathor (Boulder) where they worship and pray.


Wading thru the waters of Sangu


Nature’s playground


A serene swim in the Sangu


Time for a bath!


The people of the region love nature and depend on the nature. Nature in the Chittagong Hill Tracts has a life of its own. Remakri is where man and nature are one.

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Rowing down the river


On the rocks


A rocky river route

Photographs by: Santua Tripura