Mou’s propensity for portraits

Mou’s propensity for portraits

SAM Staff,
Laughing at life


Whether the character is in front of, or even behind the camera, photographers always face one of the most challenging forms of photography when it comes to Portraiture.


Swinging up


Taking photos of a landscape doesn’t need much elaboration on the subject or theme. A flower in a garden may sway swiftly with the breeze; be natural and still, and not feel any discomfort while “posing” for the lens. But in terms of portraiture, or self-portraiture, it always becomes a challenging task as the photographer is a part of photo they snap. The outcome of the image relates directly with the ability to connect with the character in front of the camera.


An offering of lilies


There’s a thin line of difference between capturing a portrait and a moment of expression. Though portrait seekers always intend to find their best expression through their portraiture, but it is the vision of a photographer that lets them capture these moments of expressions in the form of storytelling.




You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times, right? So, for the portraiture practitioners, it’s become a challenging job sometimes to seek out an expression that really brings out a story.


Wheel of Fortune


Following that trend, photographer Mou Ayesha has left an immense touch on portrait photography promoting expressions throughout the country.


Man and nature


Her affection for portraits leads her to produce a very specific series of photography. Rather than losing herself in the massive genre of photography, Mou holds emotions as the strongest of parameters when it comes to her way of capturing moments and expressions and telling her subjects’, or characters’, stories.


Innocent eyes, beguiling smile


Mou also loves natural light photography and is an avid lover of color photography. She enjoys travelling and this helps her seek out the unseen. She strongly believes only love can change the world for the better.


Bearing the burden of life



Beaming Bangladeshi belle


Happy the man







Rain won’t stop the smiles!


Mirth in the mud




Wet and winsome


Photography by: Mou Aysha

Mou Aysha, started photography as a passion and dedicated herself to capture the best moments of life. With a special affection for portraits and thus produced a vast series of portraits.Currently she is doing Photography Study in the institute of “First Light Institute of Photography” in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And earned her Bachelor degree in ‘English and Humanities’ from the “University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh” .