BNP demands disclosure of possible military deal

BNP demands disclosure of possible military deal

SAM Staff,

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Secretary General of BNP, the largest opposition party of Bangladesh urged government to disclose the possible military agreement with India claiming people have the right to know about such agreement. His statement was published in several medias of the country.

Mirza Fakhrul said “I came to know through newspapers that Bangladesh is going to sign security and military deal with India. I am urging the government to disclose the proposed deal upholding people’s rights to know. Deals can be signed between countries. But it cannot be happened that people will be unaware of the deal.”

He said people have every right to know what their government is doing for the country. It is mandatory in a democratic country to place agreements before people before those are signed but none of the details made public yet.

Thursday (9 March) afternoon, as the chief guest at a discussion at Dhaka Reporters Unity, BNP secretary said this. Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB) organized the discussion.

It is worth mentioning that, India recently presented a draft regarding a possible 25-year termed security agreement which is expected to be signed during Bangladesh Prime Minister’s visit to Delhi, as various national and international media of both countries reported.

India’s Defense Minister Manohar Parikarera handed the draft to  Bangladesh  Defense adviser of PM Tareq Siddiqui during his visit to Dhaka. This draft reportedly has provisions of taking joint measures to counter the threat of terrorism, setting up joint venture ordnance factory, military training exchange and the opportunity to intervene if one country faces serious security crisis. However, no government official has said anything regarding the agreement between the two country. Delhi is expecting the agreement will be finalized and signed when Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visits India in the second week of April.