Massoud calls for early elections, asks Ghani to step down

Massoud calls for early elections, asks Ghani to step down

SAM Staff,

Consultations will be held between a number of political leaders over the next few days where they will discuss issues relating to early elections, the establishment of an interim government and the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani, said Rahmatullah Bezhanpor, spokesman for Ghani’s former special representative for reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud. “His (Massoud) position is that an early election should be conducted, the president should resign and an interim government should be formed; two or three consultative meetings will be held to take the final decision,” said Bezhanpor.

He said that following the dismissal of Massoud, the presidential palace guards prevented Massoud’s office staff from going to work and that these people now face an uncertain future. “These employees are civil servants, the treatment of them by presidential guards is against the law,” said Ahmad Yusufi, a legal expert.But, the CEO’s office has said that these employees were prevented from entering their offices for security reasons.

Massoud also serves as the deputy chairman of Jamiat-e-Islami party. However party members have said that Massoud was not representing Jamiat in the government of national unity and that Jamiat did not want a new crisis.

“Ahmad Zia Massoud had taken a unilateral decision and he did not consult anyone after entering a deal with the president. He was not representing Jamiat or any ethnicity, those who take decisions personally, their future is similar to his (Massoud),” said MP Wadoud Paiman. Meanwhile, a number of civil society activists have asked Massoud not to try to create a new political crisis.

“Ahmad Zia Massoud should offer an apology over remarks made about political crisis and war,” said civil society activist Abdul Haq Zuwakman.

Massoud, who was sacked from his position as the president’s special representative for reforms and good governance earlier this week, said on Tuesday the move could pave the way for political instability in the country.Ghani fired Massoud on Monday night, without giving any details.

However, soon after the announcement, Ghani’s spokesman Shahhussain Murtazawi said Massoud had been fired due to weak performance.