Why does Modi want to meet Trump so soon?

Why does Modi want to meet Trump so soon?


Within six days of Donald Trump becoming US president, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi phoned him to say that India was America’s true friend. Later White House issued a statement inviting Modi to visit America towards the end of this year.

But Modi can hardly wait, it seems. He is sending out messages to the US administration, urging them to set an earlier date. During a recent meeting, India’s national security advisor Ajit Doval informed the US national defence advisor General HR McMaster that Modi would like to visit America this June.

Sources in India’s foreign ministry said that they had informed the US that this trip was urgent due to the overall global situation. India hopes that if all goes well, Modi will leave for the US on 25 June. As it is, Trump will be meeting Modi in July during the G-20 summit in Germany.

In the meantime, speculations abound in India over the urgency of Modi’s meeting with Trump. International relations experts say that India is eager to increase its dependence on America in the international arena. India does not feel that Russia and China’s stance on various issues does not quite go with in owns interests. That is why Modi wants to meet with Trump to place stress on protecting India’s interests.

India’s media is also abuzz with Modi’s America visit. Sources in the foreign ministry, according to the media, have said that the region may heat up once again over the Afghanistan issue. As India’s interests are involved in Afghanistan, Modi wants to convince Trump that the US should play an active role there.

From various sources India has been informed that the Russians are planning a special kind of attack on Afghanistan in the interests of the Taliban. This issue cropped up during talks in Delhi with the US national security advisor General HR McMaster. India feels that Russian president Putin wants to hurriedly implement this plan after seeing the US attack on Russia’s ‘ally’ Syria.

In the meantime, the Trump administration is changing its mindset on Pakistan. It is clear that America is proceeding with its own interests, even though when he came to power Trump has announced a stern stance towards Pakistan. India is interested in determining the true reason behind this change of America’s heart. Recently America’s ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has hinted that Trump is interested in mediating peace between India and Pakistan. New Delhi, though, on principle does not encourage third party intervention in bilateral issues.

Trump has also adopted a softer stance concerning China. China’s President Xi Jinping has already met with Trump. Given North Korea’s nuclear program and its relations with China, Trump is apparently treading a contradictory path.

Learning that the US was unhappy over India’s strong response to the H-1B visa, India is now interested in understanding Trump’s view on this. After all, the livelihood of millions of Indians is linked to this.