Maldives Ruling party concedes defeat in council polls

Maldives Ruling party concedes defeat in council polls

SAM Staff,

Amid the initial confusion over contrasting provisional results, both parties had claimed victory in the elections.

The confusion seems to stem from the contrasting preliminary results reported by state broadcaster Public Service Media (PSM) and opposition aligned Raajje TV.

But as the elections commission began announcing provisional results on Tuesday, the outcome of the least popular elections in the Maldives showed an overwhelming majority for MDP backed by the now united opposition parties.

Chief government lawmaker Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, in a series of Tweets conceded defeat to the opposition but vowed to rectify mistakes for the presidential elections next year.

With just a handful ballot boxes to be counted, the provision results show that MDP had secured a total 294 seats to PPM’s 208. The remaining seats were dominated by independent candidates, followed by government coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) and opposition Jumhoory Party (JP).

Based on results from 414 of 422 ballot boxes, Raajje TV’s latest figures show the MDP has 315 seats, followed by PPM with 185 seats, independent candidates with 102 seats, the opposition Jumhooree Party with 20 seats, the MDA with 17 seats, and the government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party with one seat.

The defeat would be a major blow for the government and a welcome one for the opposition as both sides urging the people to come out in numbers to declare their support through the vote.