Abuse of functions top ACC complaints

Abuse of functions top ACC complaints

SAM Staff,

Complaints on abuse of functions by public servants continue to be prevalent. It comprised nearly half (42.6 percent) of the total complaints received last year, according to the Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) annual report.

The largest number of 153 complaints received in the reporting period pertains to complaints that were either grievances or those that did not constitute a corruption offence particularly but were the means to corrupt acts such as deception, coercion, forgery and collusion.

The ACC report stated that substantial resources are spent on dealing with such complaints, which affect the efficiency and effectiveness of ACC.

Allegations of embezzlement comprised 12.9 percent of the total complaints. As in the past, allegation of bribery is the least with only 0.9 percent.

From the 352 complaints received  last year, 58.2 percent were from anonymous sources, and 41.8 percent from known sources. For three consecutive years, the number of complaints from known sources has been declining.

This trend, according to the report, may be largely due to the fear of reprisal.

Weak internal governance systems, passive citizens, lack of civic oversight and poor transparency and accountability are some of the factors that could expose local government to corruption with decentralisation.

“When corruption occurs locally, the impact on citizens’ lives can be the most damaging, with the poorest being hit the hardest,” the report stated.