Kabul to host reconciliation conference

Kabul to host reconciliation conference

SAM Staff,
President Ashraf Ghani

Kabul will host an international conference on peace, security and reconciliation next week, with representatives from 20 countries likely to attend the event.

Zardasht Shams, Afghanistan’s deputy head of mission in Islamabad, was quoted as saying on Tuesday the conference was being organized at the instructions of President Dr Ashraf Ghani.

Shams told The Daily Times cooperation on combating terrorism would be a key agenda item. Ghani floated the “Kabul Process” suggestion to keep all stakeholders onboard about the situation in Afghanistan.

The United States, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the UK, Russia, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Germany, France, China, the UN and the European Union will attend the conference.

A Pakistani official, meanwhile, said Islamabad would also attend the gathering in the line with its policy to be part of all Afghan meetings on peace and reconciliation in the neighbouring country.