NATO officials label corruption as big challenge in MoI

NATO officials label corruption as big challenge in MoI

SAM Staff,
Afghan and foreign officials at a ceremony on Saturday reviewed the annual report on the implementation of strategic plan of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Lieutenant General Jürgen Weigt, Chief of Staff of the Resolute Support mission, said the Afghan people and the international community expect the Interior Ministry to ensure security and obtain people’s trust.

He said more than 40 contracts of the ministry have remained pending.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid said he believes that corruption is more dangerous than insurgency. He called on the Resolute Support mission to boost its assistance to the Afghan security forces.

He admitted to the existence of corruption in the ministry and said “weak management, inefficiency and negligence are main reasons behind high casualties of police force members”.

At the same event, Major Gen. Richar G. Kaiser, commander of Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A), and deputy chief of staff of the Resolute Support, said the Afghan officials should overcome challenges inside the ministry at the first stage.

“You should not always look for answers outside. More money, more equipment, more construction will not fix all the problems. Now I invite all you leaders to visit Wardak, go visit your national logistics center, go see how many supplies are available and ask why are they not being distributed,” he said.

He pointed out to the truck bombing in Zanbaq Square in Kabul and said they praise the soldiers who stopped the tanker.

Meanwhile, the UK ambassador to Kabul, Dominic Jermey, called for improvement in leadership of the interior ministry.

“There is the need for change, change amongst the leadership and the personnel within the police that you have talked about today,” he said.

According to figures by the Ministry of Interior, so far at least 700 police officers including 12 generals have appeared at the court on corruption charges.