Case against Qasim thrown out of court

Case against Qasim thrown out of court

SAM Staff,
Qasim Ibrahim

The three cases against the Leader of the Jumhooree Party, Qasim Ibrahim has been dismissed from the court after the state prosecutor failed to show up at the Criminal Court.

After Qasim’s attorney requested to drop the cases against his client, Criminal Court scheduled a hearing to make a decision on the matter at 7 p.m. on Monday.

The case was dismissed after waiting 90 minutes for the state prosecutor.

Registrar of the Criminal Court said that while the state prosecutor did not show up, the Prosecutor General’s Office has not notified as to why that is.

Qasim’s case is presided over by a bench of three judges which consists of the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdul Baaree Yoosuf, Judge Adam Arif and Judge Ahmed Shakeel.