McCain claims U.S ‘losing’ in Afghanistan due to lack of strategy

McCain claims U.S ‘losing’ in Afghanistan due to lack of strategy

SAM Staff,

U.S Senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain has criticized President Donald Trump’s Administration for delaying the announcement of America’s new war strategy in Afghanistan.

He said that continued disarray within the White House is behind the delay in announcing and rolling out a new strategy.

“And, you know, we all know what the problem is. It’s in the White House. They’ve got to get their act together, announce a strategy. That has to be done by the president, by the way.”

He warned that the U.S was losing the war in Afghanistan and casualties among Afghan forces was high.

“We have no strategy. And we are losing. When you’re not winning, you’re losing. And the ANA, the Afghan National Army, is taking unacceptable losses. And we are going to have a new strategy. You know, they’re coming to us and asking for additional funds, for additional people, and additional missions,” McCain told CBS news.

According to him, the lack of order within the White House has resulted in the delay of rolling out its new strategy.

“We won’t do anything unless they give us a strategy. I’ve been asking General [James] Mattis, who I’m a great admirer of, General [H.R] McMaster, I’m a great admirer of, ‘Where is the strategy? Where is the strategy?’ Then we can have a policy. Then we authorize funding, and troops, and tanks, and guns,” added McCain.

But, the Afghan government said on Monday that insurgents have failed to achieve their goals in the war.