Chinese military, a staunch force for safeguarding world peace

Chinese military, a staunch force for safeguarding world peace

Zhang Tao,

As the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is drawing near, the first oversea support base of the PLA in the East African nation of Djibouti was officially established, marking the further enhancement of the capability of the Chinese military in safeguarding world peace.

The Chinese military is the staunch force in safeguarding world peace.

Over the recent years, China have undertaken an increasing amount of tasks such as international peacekeeping, escorting in high seas and international humanitarian relief, wining lots of praises from international community.

China contributes more troops to UN peacekeeping missions than any other permanent members of the UN Security Council. So far the PLA Navy has escorted more than 6,000 ships, and over half of which are foreign ships or ships of the World Food Programme (WFP).

The Chinese military has also positively engaged in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the fight against Ebola epidemic in Africa and the crisis of drinking water shortage at Male, capital of Maldives.

The growth of Chinese military also means the growth of the world peacekeeping force.

China has always insisted on the path of peaceful development, and pursued an independent foreign policy of peace and a national defense policy that is defensive in nature. Thus, it has determined that China’s overseas operations are aimed to maintain world peace.

China’s construction of its overseas support bases is also for peaceful purpose. Neither will it seek for any military expansion, nor will it strive for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, nor will it be against any third party.

The base in Djibouti will support the Chinese military’s naval escort, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Africa and western Asia. It will also help China to fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations, provide international public security products and safeguard regional peace and stability.

So, no matter how strong China becomes, China will never seek hegemony or military expansion. Such promises will not be changed due to construction of any overseas support bases.

Peace is the common wish of all peoples, and also the maximum value of military forces’ existence.

China positively advocates the concept of constructing the community of common destiny and the new-type international relationship with cooperation and a win-win goal as the core.

It also positively promotes the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative in accordance with the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

In the future, an increasingly prosperous and powerful China will certainly make more positive and important contributions to the world peace.

The Chinese military which has witnessed the ups and downs over the past 90 years will assume its obligations out of China in a more frequent manner.

And it will be a force for world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order.

SOURCEChina Military