Is India moving towards a civil war?

Is India moving towards a civil war?

Dr. Noor Ul Hassan,

In the name of cow protection, the self-proclaimed cow protector’s unleashed violence in several parts of India. Increasing incidents of ‘Mob Lynching’ and the silence of Modi government have encouraged the gau-rakshaks (cow protectors) and lynch mobs which have struck fear into the hearts of Muslims and lower-caste Indians.

On account of the brutal killings of Muslims – from Mohammed Akhlaq (on September 28, 2015) to Hafiz Junaid Khan (on June 22, 2017) – the minority community feels insecurity in every part of the country. And demonstrations are being staged – by Muslims and secular Hindus – to oppose mob lynching.

Protesting Mob Lynching under the slogan of ‘Not In My Name’ at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, a Hindu saint, Bhanti Anand Metri told media that “the country is moving towards the civil war and you are mere spectators.” And Ellen Barry writes in his news report under the heading of ‘Toll From Vigilante Mobs Rises… (June 29, 2017)’, “It is clear that killings related to beef-eating or the abuse of cows have increased in frequency since Mr. Modi was elected, according to an analysis of news coverage by IndiaSpend, a data journalism initiative. Of the 63 attacks recorded since 2010, 61 took place under Mr. Modi’s government. 24 out of 28 people killed in the attacks were Muslim…” And in a comment to the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s article “Gaurakshaks, lynch mobs don’t fear PM Modi” (June 30, 2017), Mr Antony writes: “Instead of making cosmetic statements, Modi should have taken the phone and ring his Sanghi Chief Ministers and given them a strong instruction to deal with the gau rakshaks strongly.”

Now Hindus are portrayed as blood thirsty people who kill innocents just in the name of beef which is eaten by 7 billion people in the world. Sanghis managed to make India laughing stock. Above all, there is no law in the BJP ruled states where minorities and Dalits can be killed easily by lynch mob or gau rakshaks with the mere accusation of eating beef or conversion. The only option for the people now is to arm themselves and fight a guerrilla war against these blood thirst…communal Sanghi terrorists and finish this cancer for the sake of national security and integrity of the country.”

And Swaminathan S A Aiyar – consulting editor of The Economic Times and a columnist for Times of India, writes in his Times of India column “Swaminomics”: “My fear is that, unless checked quickly, Hindu terror will be met with Muslim terror, and the country will go up in flames. If the state cannot protect Muslims, there is a high risk that they will devise their own armed squads for protection. Hindu-Muslim terror can escalate with the state being a helpless spectator. If Hindu-Muslim terror escalates today, it will not easily be doused. I fear that those who sow Hindu violence will reap Muslim violence.”

In our city, Maunath Bhanjan, a sit-in was also staged on Friday (July 14, 2017) to oppose increasing mob lynching under the banner of ‘Mau Nagrik Manch’ and a large and uncountable gathering was addressed by – both Hindu and Muslims – Mufti Anwar Ali (patron of the program), Arshad Jamal (ex-Chairman NPP and convener of the program), Mohammed Taiyab Palki (ex-Chairman Nagar Palika Prishad), Salim Ansari (ex- member of Parliament), Com. Imteyaz Ahmad (ex-MLA), Com. Birendra Kumar, Asghar Ali Iman Mehdi (Secretary General Jiat Ahlehadis), Yugal Inshore (a witness of Babri Masjid demolition case), Dr. Hai Prakash Narain, and Dharam Prakash Yadav, etc. They all strongly condemned and opposed the increase mob lynching; in addition, they expressed their anguish over India’s deteriorating condition.

Foreign and Indian media reports indicate that India is moving quickly towards civil war which never ends without havoc, destruction of life and property. If PM Modi does not break his silence immediately and take appropriate steps to tackle mob lynching, India might be on the brink of destruction soon.

SOURCEGlobal Village Space