Deserted party leaders will be wiped if they do not return to...

Deserted party leaders will be wiped if they do not return to mother party: Dahal

SAM Staff,

CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has remarked that those who deserted the party would be wiped out if they do not return to the party.

Dahal said so during a programme to welcome Ram Chandra Jha, and Ram Kumar Sharma, among other leaders, who defected Baburam Bhattarai-led Naya Shakti Nepal to join CPN (Maoist Centre).

“Our aim is to unite all the splintered factions of Maoists and progressive forces,” said leader Dahal, “Baburam Bhattarai will come back to Maoist sooner or later. Similarly, Mohan Baidya and Biplav should also return to Maoist. All of them will be wiped if they do not return.”

He said that the conflict, split and merger are the principle of science and nothing will happen against the science rules.

Saying that the leaders and cadres should remain patient and continue the struggle even if conflict arises in the party, Dahal said that he have had bitter experiences of party split and now he is having good experience of the party uniting.  He urged the new entrants to fight against the existing disorder in the party.

Dahal dubbed Naya Shakti Coordinator Baburam Bhattarai as a leader lacking wisdom. “We have a lot of intellectuals. They are knowledgeable but lack wisdom,” said Dahal, “In my opinion, Baburam Ji falls in the same category.”

“The art of making sword, gun, mortar and Khukuri is knowledge but it is the wisdom to decide where to hit Khukuri,” he noted.

The former prime minister assured to do justice to all the leaders who joined the party.

He said that local level elections in Tarai region is going to be held soon and claimed that only the victory of CPN (MC) will ensure the rights of Madhesi people. Recalling his efforts to unite the nation by addressing the spirit and needs of Madhesi people, Dahal said that it has been certain that Rastriya Janata Party Nepal will join the elections soon.