RCSC points out gaps in public service delivery

RCSC points out gaps in public service delivery

SAM Staff,

A Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) of Bhutan survey has found numerous flaws in public service delivery by the civil service.

A broad assessment of public service delivery was made in selective ministries, dzongkhags and agencies, as part of the organisational development exercise, by taking the feedback of key stakeholders and clients.

Most of the services were designed from the perspective of the providers and found to not always meet the expectations of the end-users.

“For instance, government services provided from Monday to Friday, 9–5PM reflecting the government-centric mindset to public service delivery,” the report stated.

The survey also showed that services were not systematically linked within and across ministries, dzongkhags and agencies mainly due to the compartmentalised way of functioning and incompatible systems and technologies in agencies.

With exception of selective G2C services, most organisations were found to not have Standard operating procedure (SOP) or turnaround time (TAT).

The commission stated that given the critical role civil service play in delivering public services, as most public services are delivered through the civil service, every effort must be made to improve the quality of services on a continuous basis to meet and even exceed their expectations of the government and general public.

The commission in order to address these issues is implementing a number of initiatives.