Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind stage massive protest in support of Rohingyas

Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind stage massive protest in support of Rohingyas

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As several Muslims organizations are protesting against Indian government’s stand of deporting 40,000 Rohingyas Muslims to Myanmar, the Delhi division of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind (JUH) held a massive protest on Thrusday appealing the Indian government to handle the crisis in humanitarian grounds. Reports India Today.

Close to 5,000 thousand Muslim supporters from all age groups gathered in capital’s Jantar Mantar supporting the protest by JUH and raised slogans against Modi government.

“Refugee exodus has unfolded humanitarian crisis as waves of hungry and traumatised refugees are  showing no signs of stopping in the neighboring countries” said an organizer.

The organizers also alleged that the government is conspiring  to throw the Rohingyas out of the country by linking them to terrorism and terrorists.

“Why does the government always link a Muslim man to terrorism? Why always Muslim name crops up when they talk about terrorism? asked a protestor.

They questioned Modi government’s argument on the evidences of Rohingya Muslim’s link with terror organization. “Even if they have something to prove then punish the person concerned, why treat inhumanely with 40,000 Muslim men and women,” said another protestor.

Amidst protests across the nation Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh lashed out  at Rohingyas supporters including NHRC saying they are not refugees but illegal migrants.

The organisers strongly condemned the home minister’s statement on Rohingyas where Rajnath Singh not only questioned their refugee status but also said that there is nothing wrong in deporting these 40,000 Rohingyas.

“This is high time they should step beyond policies and resolve the crisis by talking to the neighboring countries,” said a protestor.

After the protest, they submitted a memorandum in support of their demands to Secretary General, UN, Home Ministry and Embassy of Myanmar.