Stronger UN needed to resolve issues: Maldives

Stronger UN needed to resolve issues: Maldives

SAM Staff,

Maldives states that a stronger United Nation is required in order to counter the issues faced across the globe.

Speaking at the 72nd General Assembly of United Nations (UN), Maldivian Foreign Minister Dr. Mohamed Asim noted the country’s vision is the world watchdog unit be transparent and just adding the world organization’s strength lies directly with the commitment of member nations.

“The United Nations is what we all make of it. It is made up of us, the Member States. Its successes and its weaknesses are determined by how much we put into it” Dr. Asim said in his speech.

Furthermore, he also stressed on the vision UN has towards Maldives stating “My country, the Maldives, envisions a United Nations that is fair, that is representative of its diverse membership, that takes into account the views and opinions of all, and forms consensus, based on compromise and dialogue. A United Nations that commits and delivers.”

Foreign Minister also placed focus on growing conflicts and war-torn countries like Syria and Myanmar, addressing his concern about the issues.

Speaking about the decades long West Bank issue of Israel-Palestine conflict, Minister said ” the shameful occupation by Israel continues, without consequence. Violence, economic depravation, fear, hunger and hopelessness – this is what a child in Palestine is born into. Generations have now matured, knowing nothing else. This must end.”

Dr. Asim had also shed light into climate change issues and the serious nature of it; he voiced about swift action towards sustainable climate control. He showed concern for the relative unpredictability of climate change, as he said today, the threat of climate change is very real. Unpredictable weather, more frequent and intense natural disasters, unprecedented temperatures, are the norm rather than the exception.

“Island nations – including the Maldives – are the first to be devastated by these impacts. But, we are not the only ones. Today, climate change is becoming a reality for the rest of the world – whether we choose to believe it or not. Here, I would like to take a moment to express our sincere sympathies to those affected by recent Hurricanes Jose, Irma and Maria. I assure you, we will not stop our advocacy on climate change.”