Qasim’s condition is serious and doctors refuse to let him fly :...

Qasim’s condition is serious and doctors refuse to let him fly : JP Spokesperson

SAM Staff,

JP Spokesperson Ali Solih have said that MV opposition leader Qasim Ibrahim’s condition is serious and the doctors refused to give permission for Qasim Ibrahim to fly.

Speaking at a press conference held at M.Kunooz on Monday, he said that after the heart surgery, the doctors have not given him permission to fly yet. He said that in this condition airlines will also not take a risk.

“Qasim even bought tickets to go back to Maldives but in this situation there is no way he can travel” said Ali Solih.

He further said that there is no way the government can request Qasim to return to Maldives after halting his treatment. He said that the government is sincere at all they would not have requested Qasim to return. Ali Solih said that the party requests the government to allow Qasim to seek treatment as advised by the doctors.

In addition, Ali Solih said that the travel document given to Qasim by Maldives has expired and now Qasim’s legal team is working on to find a solution. JP spokesperson also said that Qasim will return to Maldives once he is done with the treatment and that he will not flee the country.

At first Correctional Service gave 10 days to Qasim Ibrahim. Later they gave additional 10 days for his surgery and the extension will be over tomorrow.