Maldives’ Parliament sitting ends within 13 minutes

Maldives’ Parliament sitting ends within 13 minutes

SAM Staff,
Members of the opposition had continued their protesting in Monday’s sitting. | Photo: Twitter\MP Nihan

Parliament sitting resumed at 09:00hrs on Monday after it had gone into recess last month, was short-lived as opposition protests had interrupted the flow of the session.

Opposition members had attended the parliament premises at 08:30hrs in the morning. However, they were unable to access due the entrance to the chambers being locked. Security officers operating at the premises had then opened the parliament chamber amid opposition lawmakers continuing their tirade against the speaker of parliament Abdulla Maseeh.

Members of the opposing political parties have claimed that they have stopped identifying the authority of Maseeh as a speaker to the parliament.

Upon granted entry into chambers, the opposition MPs flooded the chamber floors with angry remarks and slanders against the parliament speaker. The constant screams and yells from the opposition had rendered the dialogue of pro-government members as well as the speaker inaudible. From video footage, which was aired live had indicated the chair had called for voting on a bill. However, after 13 minutes into the parliament session, the proceeding was cancelled due to opposition’s intervention.

Opposition had maintained their chants calling out for the resignation parliament speaker Abdulla Maseeh and claimed a motion pressed to the floor bearing signatures of several members should be placed on agenda as top priority before further bills or resolutions can be deliberated in the chambers.

The speaker’s desk had been barricaded using a wooden ‘wall’ to prohibit close proximity of the opposition members’ attempts to intervene the proceedings. However, lawmakers of the opposition overcame the ‘obstacle’ with the help of chairs and had continued their criticism and tirade.