Bangladeshi Navy orders two Do 228s for MPA mission

Bangladeshi Navy orders two Do 228s for MPA mission

SAM Staff,
The Dornier 228 New Generation in flight through beautiful mountainous terrain Photo: RUAG. Switzerland

Bangladesh’s navy has ordered two additional Dornier Do 228s for use in maritime patrol mission.

The contract will see the service’s fleet of the type grow to four, says manufacturer Ruag in a statement.

“The new Dornier 228s will build on [the navy’s] existing capabilities in the patrolling of the sea routes, territorial waters, coastal areas, and wetlands, essential to secure fishery operations, and critical vessel tracking,” says Ruag.

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“The two additional Dornier 228 will also extend BN’s reach and endurance options for SAR and natural disaster missions.”

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the Bangladeshi Navy’s two in service Dornier 228’s were ordered in 2011 and delivered in 2013. Both serve as maritime patrol aircraft (MPA).

It also operates to Leonardo Helicopters AW109Es, and has orders for two Harbin Z-9 rotorcraft.

SOURCEFlight Global