EU delegate to visit Maldives to assess political condition

EU delegate to visit Maldives to assess political condition

SAM Staff,

The European Union (EU) will be dispatching a team of their researchers and surveyors to Maldives in order to identify the political condition of the country.

The EU delegate consisting of four of its parliament members will be traveling to Maldives on Monday (Oct 30) for the duration of two days, and are expected to interview members of parliament of ruling party and the opposition.

The team will also assess the current political condition and research the upcoming presidential elections of 2018.

On September the international organization had passed a resolution on Maldives, citing to place sanctions and actions against the state government and its members while they had advised against the tourist visitors to Maldives.

Last month’s resolution against Maldives marks the sixth such course of action by the EU.

Meanwhile Foreign Ministry had rebutted EU’s resolution and criticized it as a biased and baseless citation about the Maldives and its state. The local Foreign Ministry had also declared that such resolutions by EU does not have to be met in terms by Maldives.

The ministry had assured the resolution would not contribute to any embargo on the country.