General election in Bangladesh in Dec next

General election in Bangladesh in Dec next

SAM Staff,
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Mentioning that the next general election in Bangladesh will be held in December next, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday (Jan 30) sought vote  for ’boat’, the election symbol of Awami League, to achieve the goal of making Bangladesh a developed and prosperous country.

“Awami League means development…Bangladesh will be developed and prosperous. The people of Bangladesh, both at home and abroad, will move forward with dignity in the global arena. It’s our goal. To achieve the goal, we want vote for ‘boat’ in the next election to be held in December next,” she said.

Formally launching the election campaign here, the Awami League president sought vote while addressing a public rally, arranged by district Awami League, at Sylhet Alia Madrasa Ground in the afternoon.

She urged voters to remain alert against terrorism, militancy and corruption. “There’s no room for terrorism, militancy and corruption on Bangladesh soil.”

Noting that the ‘boat’ symbol brought the country’s independence and showed the path of prosperity, she said the boat is taking Bangladesh towards the path of development.

As in the past, the AL president launched her party’s campaign from Sylhet for the 11th national polls.

“When Awami League comes to power, the country sees development. But BNP-Jamaat alliance who are looters, killers and arson attackers know how to destroy,” she said mentioning different development works by the Awami League government.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP indulges in militancy and terrorism when it comes to power. “When Awami League remains in power, Bangladesh earns fame and gets awards. But when the BNP remains in power, Bangladesh is condemned.”

She said BNP and Jamaat resorted to killing and massive vandalism in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and fell huge number trees in the country. “BNP knows only destruction; it doesn’t know to build anything.”

During the violence carried out by BNP in the three years, some 500 people were killed, more than 3,036 people suffered burn injuries as well as 3,252 buses, 29 rails, nine launches and 70 government offices were torched, she added.

“We’ve never seen such fire violence. The movement is for the people and for materializing the demands of the people. But BNP burned people to death…when people came up to resist, they (BNP) refrained from it,” the Prime Minister said.

If Awami League had not come to power in 2014, the country would not have seen the massive development and the country’s people would not have got the touch of development, she said.

The AL president said Bangladesh has now become a role model in the whole world and its people got dignity as her party was voted to power.

About militancy, she said, Islam is a religion of peace. Islam never supports militancy and terrorism. “Those who kill innocent people in the name of Islam they will never go to the heaven,” she added.

She urged all, including parents, teachers, conscious citizens, religious leaders and guardians, to stay alert whether their children are being deviated.