Bangladesh opposes moving embassies to Jerusalem by some states

Bangladesh opposes moving embassies to Jerusalem by some states

SAM Staff,

Bangladesh has expressed its concern over the unilateral declarations about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to move embassies of certain states to Jerusalem.

“We reaffirm all relevant General Assembly and Security Council resolutions on Jerusalem and consider it to be an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian territories,” state minister for foreign affairs Md Shahriar Alam said.

He said the continued breaches of international humanitarian law and systematic human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories had given rise to an egregious culture of impunity.

The state minister was speaking at the NAM ministerial committee on Palestine on Thursday at Baku in Azerbaijan.

He said Bangladesh condemns the unwarranted armed attacks launched by the Israeli security forces that resulted in the tragic killing of 19 Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip on Mar 30.

“We share concerns over the tense situation prevailing in the region and urge restraint and calm.”

In the absence of effective international accountability, the state minister said, occupying power continues to enforce violence on Palestinian citizens, imprisoning and abusing scores of Palestinians in its detention centres, and dispossessing and displacing thousands of Palestinians families through its construction and expansion of illegal settlements.

“We share concerns over the sheer lack of progress in implementing the Security Council resolution 2234 [2016]. “

“It is obvious that the illegal Israeli settlements, as well as the wall in and around the occupied East Jerusalem, are being deliberately pursued to fundamentally change the character, status and demography of the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” he said.

“The council has a moral obligation to prevail upon Israel to immediately halt its illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinians Territories, lift the blockade in the Gaza Strip, and put an end to all forms of occupation.”

The immediate priority must be given to ensuring international protection for the Palestinians people suffering for decades from Israel’s policy of collective punishment, he said.

Alam said under the guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh remains in steadfast in its support for the just and legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people for their inalienable rights.

Those include their right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent, viable, contiguous and sovereign Palestinians State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in the framework of a two-state solution.

“Bangladesh acknowledges the developments with political unity and reconciliation in Palestine, which we consider to be a step in the right direction.”

“We continue to urge all key actors to remain seized with their efforts to pursue a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, consistent with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and by the Arab Peace Initiative, the Quartet Roadmap, and the principle of land for peace.

“We also add our voice to the need for ensuring enhanced, predictable, and sustainable funding for United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) for effectively carrying out its humanitarian mandate in support of the Palestinians refugees.”

He said the situation would be reviewed further in the first week of May when Bangladesh hosts the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting.