Sri Lanka Army released a biggest chunk of 683 acres to civilian

Sri Lanka Army released a biggest chunk of 683 acres to civilian

SAM Staff,

The Sri Lanka Army released 683 acres of land in the Thelippallai Divisional Secretariat area, to 964 legal owners during a ceremony, held on Friday at Mailiddi in Jaffna District. The Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake handing over released land documents to the Jaffna District Secretary Mr Nagalingam Vedanayaham.

Friday’s release of 683 more acres of the Palaly Army complex area, the biggest chunk of land released to the Jaffna public on a single day, adds a historic chapter to the government’s ongoing projects of reconciliation and ethnic harmony.

The Army, handed over 683 acres of land to 964 families (3309 members), as part of the resettlement programme in the Jaffna Peninsula.

The release of lands continuing for the last couple of months, following an initiative taken by the Army itself, has however not necessitated either the removal or shifting of any security formation operating in the said portion of the land in Thellippallai, Palaly Army complex area.

Release of lands, organized by the Security Force Headquarters – Jaffna (SFHQ-J) under the guidance of Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, Commander, Security Forces – Jaffna, took place as a New Year gift on the eve of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year- 2018.

The gesture, organized jointly by Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, Resettlement, District Secretariat for Jaffna and the SFHQ-J was attended by a large gathering of people including the beneficiaries.

Commander of the Army formally gave away documents pertaining to the release of lands symbolically to the District Secretary in the presence of a large crowd of people, who were present there.

Land in 4 GS Divisions in the Thellippalai DS Division was handed over to civilians who were in IDP camps and staying with their relatives.

“This is your Army. This is the Army of the country. Our responsibility is to ensure look after wellbeing of all human being in this island, whether in the South or North, whether Sinhala, Muslim, Tamil, Buddhist, Christians, Islamic or any other religious,” the Commander of the Army said at the event.

He further he said that the Kankesanthurai to Point Pedro road can be used between 0600am to 7pm by civilians.