Snowstorm Kills at Least 8 Climbers in Nepal

Snowstorm Kills at Least 8 Climbers in Nepal

SAM Staff,

At least eight climbers, including a South Korean world-record holder, were killed after a violent snowstorm ripped through their camp in the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal, officials said on Saturday.

The climbers — four South Koreans who were planning to summit the nearly 24,000-foot Mount Gurja, and their four guides — died on Friday after falling off a cliff during the storm, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

Nepali officials said the bodies of the team’s local guides were also spotted from a helicopter. A fifth climber from South Korea was missing and presumed dead.

“It seems no one is alive,” said Wangchu Sherpa, the managing director of Trekking Camp Nepal, the company overseeing the climbing expedition on Mount Gurja.