Filipino handguns triggering into Myanmar

Filipino handguns triggering into Myanmar

Miles Vining,

The Philippines is becoming a dominant player in the Myanmar handgun market Shephard has learnt, further to the latest acquisitions between the two nations.

Mely Cayabyab, senior VP of sales and logistics at Philippines based-Armscor Global Defense, shared that Manila is increasing its involvement in the Burmese defence market through recent handgun sales to the Tatmadaw shooting team.

She confirmed: ‘We have already shipped around 20 models of the Medallion Competition A2-2 Tone handgun, chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum to the Myanmar Army Shooting Team. They will be using this handgun in the upcoming ASEAN Army Rifle Match [AARM] beginning in late November’.

The Medallion Competition is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed, Browning tilt lock recoil operated handgun that is a 1911-patterned derivative.

Commenting on the choice of the handguns, Cayabyab commented: ‘The shooting team was interested in our handguns because of the success that our own Filipino Army Shooting Team had with them in previous AARM competitions’.

However, Armscor intends to expand beyond competition handguns in the defence market, she said: ‘We’re working with our local agent based in Yangon to try and penetrate the market in Myanmar. We have been in touch with the Myanmar Shooting Federation as they are looking to sources of shot shells and .22 Long Rifle cartridges.

‘Due to this need, we have to send samples of ammunition to the federation in order for them to evaluate our product. Beyond the federation, there are a number of security agencies in Myanmar that are interested in new defence products,’ she said.

Cayabyab mentioned that United Defense Manufacturing Corps was also supplying rifles to the Shooting Team, specifically M16A2-patterned competition rifles.