Badakhshan mine collapse kills 30

Badakhshan mine collapse kills 30

SAM Staff,

At least 30 people were killed when a gold mine collapsed in Badakhshan province Sunday, local officials said.

The incident took place at around 11am in Kohistan district when the workers were busy in mining, said Nek Mohammad Nazari, spokesman for Badakhshan governor.

Nazari said 15 workers were wounded in the incident.

He said the wounded were in critical condition.

The local officials did not provide further details about a possible number workers trapped in the mine.

Meanwhile, Presidential Palace said in a statement that President Ashraf Ghani was shocked after hearing the news of the incident in Badakhshan and directed the authorities to undertake relief and rescue operations for those trapped.

The President directed the relevant authorities to take preemptive measures in order to avoid such incidents in the future.