US envoy, Mohaqiq discuss deal on unity govt

The US ambassador to Afghanistan has met Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq on the current situation in the country. A statement from Mohaqiq’s office said the meeting. Which lasted two hours, took place... More

Afghan Officials Send High-Profile Sexual Assault Case to Court

Authorities in Afghanistan confirmed Wednesday that an alleged torture and sexual assault case against the country's first-vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, has been sent to court for further action. A spokesman for the attorney... More

Ghani Rejects Claims He is Monopolizing Power

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has rejected accusations that he is consolidating his political power at a time that political rifts, within the Presidential Palace and among his mainstream political rivals, expand. Ghani’s opponents have... More

McCain claims U.S ‘losing’ in Afghanistan due to lack of strategy

U.S Senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain has criticized President Donald Trump’s Administration for delaying the announcement of America’s new war strategy in Afghanistan. He said that continued disarray... More

NATO officials label corruption as big challenge in MoI

Lieutenant General Jürgen Weigt, Chief of Staff of the Resolute Support mission, said the Afghan people and the international community expect the Interior Ministry to ensure security and obtain people’s trust. He said more... More

Afghan government arms villagers to fight IS in Tora Bora

In a remote district of eastern Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains, where Osama bin Laden once took refuge, hundreds of local villagers freed from Islamic State control have been enlisted as a militia force... More

Afghan girls denied visas to US for robot-building competition to watch their...

Two Afghan girls refused visas to the United States for a robot-building competition said on Tuesday (July 4) they were mystified by the decision, as the contest's organisers said teams from Iran and... More

Pak-Afghan-Tajik joint commission on Trilateral Cooperation expected to establish

A Joint Commission on Trilateral Cooperation is expected to be established between, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan to develop and implement a mutual strategy on various subjects. The commission, which is likely to be formed... More

Afghanistan reacts to Iran’s comments on dam projects

The Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water said Iran has used four times more water from Helmand River’s than stipulated in the Helmand River Treaty Following comments by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Afghanistan’s... More

Afghanistan accepts Pakistan’s offer of ‘coordinated’ anti-terror operations

Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to conduct “coordinated, complementary” security operations against terrorist groups on their respective sides of the shared border, officials confirmed Wednesday. A high-powered U.S. bipartisan congressional delegation led by Senator... More

Russia, China voice concern at insecurity in Afghanistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have discussed regional issues, including the security situation in Afghanistan, a media report said on Wednesday. At a meeting in Moscow, Xi and Putin... More

High-level delegation of US senators arrives in Kabul

A high-level delegation of US senators arrived in the capital Kabul on Tuesday, the Resolute Support (RS) Mission said. The NATO mission tweeted the delegation was comprised of the head and members of the... More

New alliance is due to Ghani’s poor leadership skills: Deputy speaker Humayun

The Afghan first deputy speaker of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament), Humayun Humayun, on Monday said the formation of the new alliance known as the Coalition to Rescue Afghanistan, is testimony... More

Khalili Sworn In As New HPC Chief Amid Peace Talks Stalemate

President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday officially introduced Mohammad Karim Khalili, a former vice president to ex-president Hamid Karzai, as the new head of the Afghan High Peace Council (HPC). This comes as peace talks... More

IS beheads 10 Taliban militants in Afghanistan

The Islamic State (IS) militants have beheaded 10 Taliban men in Afghanistan's Jawzjan province. The IS militants captured Aqbalaq village in Darzab district last week and arrested 10 Taliban militants. They were beheaded on Friday,... More

Karzai blames the US for ISIS’s inception and proliferation

Former Afghan president, Hamid Karzai has berated the US for allowing ISIS to start, development and proliferate inside Afghanistan. Karzai has often lashed out at the US over the past years and has... More

New Alliance Lists Demands; Calls For Systematic Reforms

The new alliance formed by leaders from three mainstream Afghan political parties including Jamiat-e-Islami, the National Unity of People of Afghanistan and the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan on Friday issued a draft... More

Pakistan’s Aziz Expected In Kabul In Move To Ease Tensions

Afghanistan’s government on Thursday announced that a high level Pakistani delegation – led by Sartaj Aziz, advisor to Pakistani prime minister on foreign relations - will visit Afghanistan in the near future to... More

New political front ’emerging’ amid ongoing tension within Afghan govt

Amid continued tension between national unity government leaders – namely President Ashraf Ghani and First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum – some senior government officials have reportedly held discussions in the country and... More

Air Corridor Important but we will not give up efforts for rail-road...

Afghan ambassador Shaida Abdali discusses the creation of the Afghanistan-India Air Freight corridor, regional connectivity, bilateral trade and more. Last week, India and Afghanistan established the first direct air freight corridor, with a flight from New... More

At least 29 dead, 60 wounded as car bomb hits bank in...

At least 29 people were killed  on Thursday (June 22)  when a powerful car bomb struck a bank in Afghanistan’s Lashkar Gah city as people were queueing to withdraw salaries, the latest bloody... More


Corruption without borders

The Nawaz Sharif episode shows that pervasive corruption has not only acquired respectability in a perverse manner in Pakistan but left to the National Assembly (NA), may even acquire legality. Political instability, poverty, unequal structure of society, unemployment,... More

China’s popularity in Bangladesh dips a bit over Myanmar issue

China has rapidly moved from an emerging popular country in Bangladesh to a lesser pedestal. For a while, China basked in the sunshine of a post-India dominated Bangladesh scenario, but it didn’t last a full season. Myanmar... More

China trumps the West over Myanmar

Myanmar was used to be a pariah state in the past, but for the former democracy icon it has become an unwelcome nuisance, forcing Aung San Suu Kyi to realize that in the current global world its... More

Afghanistan: The Taliban night goggles have a serious message

If the US’ new Afghan strategy was aimed at forcing the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table, the recent wave of highly sophisticated attacks has shown that this strategy has not only failed, but also backfired.  The... More

Muslim leader’s warning of a forced exodus a la Myanmar angers...

Assam’s leaders, whether of the Hindutva variety or the Assamese nationalistic variety, are livid with JamaitUlema-e-Hind leader Maulana Arshad Madani, for warning that the on-going revision of the National Register of Citizenship (NRC) could lead to a... More


The F-22 mission in Afghanistan: Overkill or realistic training?

Three years ago, the F-22 Raptor made its combat debut in Syria. The idea was for the fifth-generation fighter to use its stealth technology to evade detection from... More

Why US, India strategic ties can’t sustain

Three months ago, the new South Asia policy that US President Donald Trump laid out was a cause of much optimism in New Delhi. It singled out... More

Why India should be wary of the Quad

The second coming of the Quadrilateral alliance of the US, Australia, Japan and India to confront China in the Asia-Pacific may not be the proverbial farce, but... More

India and Saudi Arabia: Two countries going in unexpected directions

In spite of its painful birth as a free and independent state, India quickly became a model for what many considered to be the desired post-colonial progressive... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More