BD to sign 9 defence deals during Hasina’s visit to India

Two agreements and seven memorandums of understanding on defence cooperation would figure prominently among more than 40 deals expected to be signed between Bangladesh and India during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's... More

Will Pranab dispel differences between Modi and Hasina?

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her upcoming India visit will be the guest of the Indian president and stay at presidential palace, being the first Bangladeshi prime minister to do so. Sheikh Hasina’s relationship with... More

India and Bangladesh sign MoU for cooperation in marine navigation

India and Bangladesh, as part of a regional cooperation initiative, signed a MoU on Aids to Navigation (AtoN). Under the agreement, India will advise Bangladesh on AtoN capacity building for the... More

Suicide blast at BD Rab barrack: IS ‘claimed responsibility’

A suspected suicide bomber sneaked into a Rab barrack and blew himself up in the Bangladesh capital's Ashkona yesterday, in what appears to be the country's first such attack by a... More

Six killed as BD police raid extremist hideouts

Five suspected militants and a young boy were killed on Thursday as Bangladesh police conducted a series of raids on what they said were extremist hideouts following a series of deadly... More
Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

SOUTHERN EYE: Behind Hasina’s “RAW” tirade

(Exclusive): Why would Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina fire a salvo like this ahead of her India visit in April by accusing Indian intelligence agency RAW and the US embassy of bringing... More

Sheikh Hasina’s four-day India visit announced

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Indian visit was officially announced on Tuesday, after several hiccups in scheduling the trip. The two countries jointly announced the schedule, saying the visit would further... More

BNP demands disclosure of possible military deal

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Secretary General of BNP, the largest opposition party of Bangladesh urged government to disclose the possible military agreement with India claiming people have the right to know... More

Alternative narrative needed to counter violent extremism

It is not a counter narrative, but an alternative narrative that is required to counter violent extremism. The government must formulate polices for counter radicalisation. The law enforcement must understand the... More

Bangladesh yet to give transit facility to any country: BD Finance Minister

Bangladesh has not yet given any country the permission to carry goods through the country under transit facility, Finance Minister AMA Muhith has said. Reports "Goods from India are being carried... More

Bangladesh records lowest monthly remittance in recent years

Expatriate Bangladeshis have remitted $936.2 million in February, the lowest in a month in last five years. The previous record low was $900 million in November 2011. The downward trend began late last... More

India visit: Time for Hasina to show her cards

For Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina it’s time to show her cards. Her close ally India is fast growing impatient. The confidence India had in her is gradually declining. New Delhi... More

Bangladesh: Curbing covert cultural osmosis

“Mujhe bhookh lagee hai, mujhe khaana de do!” the little girl called out as she came home from school. Her uncle, visiting from the village, looked perplexed. “What is she saying?”... More

Keener on arms from China, Bangladesh dithers on defence pact with India

After several postponements, the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, has finally agreed to visit India in April but her government is reluctant to sign an agreement on defence that... More

Transport Strike in Dhaka-Video

[youtube] More

Saudi King to visit Bangladesh

Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz is to visit Bangladesh soon. Although date has not been fixed as yet, a source mentioned that Dhaka will be included in the next tour... More

India to strengthen military partnership with Bangladesh

India wants to strengthen military partnership with Bangladesh. The framework of a long-term contract has been given to Dhaka, a defense source unanimously acknowledged and also said that the agreement is... More

Five sentenced to death for killing of Japanese citizen in Bangladesh

A Bangladesh court handed down the death sentence on Tuesday for five militants found guilty of killing a Japanese citizen, court officials said. Kunio Hoshi, 65, was gunned down in October 2015... More

Experts for “urgent review” of Farakka Barrage

Echoing Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s concern, India's river and environment experts urged government to review the effectiveness of Farakka Barrage. They are claiming that Farakka Barrage had failed to fulfill... More

Bangladesh’s proposed hike in gas prices sparks protests

Bangladesh has announced plans to raise natural gas prices for the second time in under two years, meeting with immediate protests from political parties and industry groups, including the $28 billion... More

Al-Qaeda suddenly relevant in Bangladesh? 

Seemingly of out of nowhere a high-ranking US commander has claimed that international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda is active in Bangladesh. Sentinel magazine from an organization called "Combating Terrorism Center" which is known for observing... More


The Daughters of the East

Sheikh Hasina and Aung San Suu Kyi have so much in common. Daughters of great fathers who spearheaded the freedom struggle of their countries, both lost their fathers before they could get to run or had just about run... More

Pakistan mulls over new US policy for a...

A Times of India report of September 19 claimed that the US was “moving closer to designating Pakistan a terrorist state.” Reasons for this include, the report claimed, Pakistan’s non-cooperation in Afghanistan and its unwillingness to act against the... More

Suu Kyi: New promises but no commitments  

AASK’s speech could be the best delivered under the circumstances but it’s also full of misleading hopes and commitments never kept. The speech will buy time for the Myanmar military but may not do much at all to solving... More

Lady: “Caught between a rock and a hard...

Four hundred thousand Muslim Rohingyas have fled across the border to Bangladesh from Myanmar in the last 3 weeks to escape the army’s clearance operations. Human rights groups claim it’s a “scorched earth” policy – reminiscent of the military’s... More

The illusion of Indo-China rapprochement at BRICS

The recently concluded BRICS summit was meaningful in anumber of ways. More than anything else, it left a powerful impression of increasing rapprochement between two Asian rivals, India and China, after two months of intense standoff in the Doklam... More


Reviving India’s economy

Given the Indian economy’s massive size and extensive global linkages, its growth slowdown is a source of serious concern not just domestically, but around the world. The... More

Suffering has a name

Suffering is universal and part of the human condition and life. In history however, suffering is quite specific. Suffering carries a name, sometimes of an individual and... More

Trump’s N Korean challenge: can Pakistan be next?

It appears that the Trump administration is not willing to learn any lessons from the vast riches of US diplomatic history. The one thing that stands out... More

Was Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech too little, too late?

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi's speech to the nation about the humanitarian plight of the Rohingya people is too little too late for those in the... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More