Some officials giving govt bad advice: CJ

Bangladesh Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said some over enthusiastic officials and employees were acting against the interest of the government by giving it bad advice. They are making recommendations that go... More

Bangladesh govt stifles freedom of expression: Amnesty

The Bangladeshi government has stifled freedom of expression by failing to protect dissenters and using repressive laws and tactics, London-based Amnesty International has said in a report. “Not only is the government... More

Pressure mounts on Bangladesh’s economy

The slump in agricultural production, negative growth of remittances and stagnancy in export earnings is mounting pressure on Bangladesh’s economy. Given the circumstances, it will be difficult to reach the projected... More

Bangladesh to build hundreds of mosques with Saudi cash

Bangladesh has approved a project to build hundreds of mosques with almost $1 billion from Saudi Arabia, an official said Wednesday. The government plans to construct 560 mosques -- one in every... More

Neighboring countries must reject India’s ‘backyard’ policy

In a discussion titled “Current context of Bangladesh-India relations,” the participants asserted that South Asian countries desires an equal and respectable relationship with the neighboring India, and do not want to... More

China Ready to Mediate Between Burma and Bangladesh over Arakan Refugees

China offered on Tuesday to help tackle a diplomatic row between Bangladesh and Myanmar over the flight of minority Rohingyas, two Bangladesh foreign ministry officials said. Around 69,000 Rohingyas have fled to... More

Judiciary treated unfairly by all governments: Says BD chief justice

Successive governments treated the judiciary unfairly and the administration never wanted the judiciary to run independently, Bangladesh Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said on Tuesday. The judiciary provided protection to the administration... More

Chevron to sell Bangladesh gas fields to Chinese consortium

Three Bangladesh gas fields belonging to Chevron Corp, the American multinational energy corporation, is to be sold to a Chinese consortium, marking China's first major energy investment in Bangladesh.  The soon... More

“Barbed wire is not conducive to connectivity”

Physical infrastructure alone won’t make connectivity, there is need for people-to-people contact. Only if there is a connectivity of minds, ideas, minds and people, can connectivity have a sustainable and effective impact.... More

Indian Army chief’s Dhaka visit is ‘baseless’: ISPR

Bangladesh Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has brushed aside as 'baseless' a Times of India report that Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat will be visiting Bangladesh again less than a month... More

60 percent Teesta water blocked for Sikkim power plants 

The controversy over Teesta has now reached Sikkim. The West Bengal government has repeatedly complained about the several hydroelectric projects in Sikkim and now sent a report in this regard to India’s... More

Bhutan to get connected thru’ Ctg, Mongla ports

Bangladesh and Bhutan will now get connected through Chittagong and Mongla ports that will open up further opportunities of bilateral trade between the two countries and beyond. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina... More

Indian army chief to visit Bangladesh next week

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat is now headed for Dhaka, soon after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited India earlier this month, in line with the policy to upgrade the... More

Behind-the-scene negotiations, but no mid-term polls in BD

Despite all appearances of stagnancy, there’s a flurry of activity behind the scenes in Bangladesh’s political arena. There is an effort to ensure the participation of all parties in the next... More

There’s national identity, pride and protest in celebrating Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh, the traditional New Year, is a part of our economic history and it is a regional event too. It’s celebrated wherever monsoon comes in our region. It’s celebrated in Punjab, in... More

India to invest $10bn in Bangladesh power and energy sector

India is going to invest nearly $10 billion in Bangladesh’s power and energy sector. A total of 13 MoUs and deals were signed at a business forum in Delhi on 10 April when Bangladesh Prime Minister... More

Bangladesh executes three Islamists for 2004 attack on British envoy

Bangladesh executed an Islamist militant leader and two of his aides on Wednesday for a grenade attack on the British ambassador in 2004, a senior prison official said, days after the... More

Qawmi education recognized in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the recognition of certificates of Dawrae Hadith under Qawmi Madrasa Education Board as equivalent to Masters Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic. Sheikh Hasina made the... More

PM Hasina rejects Mamata’s alternative Teesta plan

The much-awaited Teesta river water sharing agreement remained in limbo even as Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wrapped up her India visit on Monday with hopes of signing the pact at... More

TIB for talks about Bangladesh-India deals in parliament

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) said all the agreements, including those signed with India during the prime minister’s ongoing visit, should be placed in Parliament for discussion. “Even it’s not enough to inform... More

Hasina cements her ties with India but brings back little for...

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s four-day visit to India appears to have been personally gratifying for her in so far as her vibes with Prime Minister Narendra Modi are concerned, especially... More


The Lady takes aim at the UN

Myanmar’s restive western state of Rakhine is back in the news. And it is set to be a busy week for Rakhine matters. The military are consolidating their counter insurgency operations in Rakhine -- centered in the Mayu mountains... More

Accountability across the board -II

In his address to the Constituent Assembly on 11 August 1947, the Quaid said that “Jobbery, graft nepotism and bribe has to be put down with iron hand”. His vision of anti-corruption was reflected through “Prevention of Corruption Act... More

Two years into office, UNP-SLFP coalition government is...

It’s been two years since two of Sri Lanka’s largest political groupings - the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) - signed a MoU to cohabit in the government for two years to give... More

The US ready to turn Afghanistan into a...

After all the debate in the US on the Trump administration’s Afghanistan strategy, what we have today is a potentially destructive proposal to effect a full withdrawal and replace regular American forces with private contractors, which are nothing but... More

Another hornet’s nest stirred

The Modi government has developed a reputation to stir a hornet’s nest where one can be and should be avoided. With less than a month to go for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Myanmar visit, one of his controversy-prone ministers has... More


Trump’s Afghanistan policy

President Donald Trump's much touted Afghan strategy -- which is a U-turn on his original views -- is essentially a facelift of a tried, tested and failed... More

Spiral into chaos  

Historically speaking, Balochistan in general and the Baloch community in particular are secular. Even in traditional Baloch society, the mullah is not a revered figure. Instead, he... More

Standoff with China prompts revamp of India’s regional policies

The denouement of the dangerous India-China military standoff in Doklam near the Sikkim border is hard to predict. But on the diplomatic and geopolitical plane, one definite... More

Squeezed by an India-China Standoff, Bhutan Holds Its Breath

India’s main garrison in the Kingdom of Bhutan sits only 13 miles from a disputed border with China. There is a training academy, a military hospital, a... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More

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