Happiness Index: Bhutan 97th, 2nd in South Asia

Bhutan are happier than Indians, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans, according to World Happiness Report 2017 released yesterday (20 March) coinciding with the United Nations' International Day... More

Students from Bhutan & Bangladesh pitch for self censorship

In India, where universities have turned a battleground over the right to freedom of speech and expression, students from neighbouring country of Bhutan feel that... More

US$ 1.5 M grant to improve Bhutan’s Climate Resilience...

To prepare a long-term plan in improving Bhutan’s Climate Resilience programme, a grant of US$ 1.5 million between the Government and the World Bank was... More

Bhutan to share intelligence with India’s Assam

Bhutan will share information with the Indian state of Assam on terrorist activities in the region. The country will also set up a Consulate General... More

Chinese Ambassador to India visits Bhutan

Bhutan Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay met the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to India, Luo Zhaohui, Monday. The ambassador is in the country on... More

Bhutanese transport operators against BBIN deal

Transport operators in Bhutan see the Delhi-initiated Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal (BBIN) motor vehicle agreement a major obstacle to their livelihood as the country’s... More

Bhutan starts exporting goods to BD via new land...

After India and Nepal, Bhutan has started its export-import activities with Bangladesh using the Bangla Bandha land port. On the first day of new year,... More

BIMSTEC connectivity for food security

  Connectivity and infrastructure development received the utmost importance at the meeting of the BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) member... More

India plans to connect Bhutan via Int’l highway

Having failed to take the regional road connectivity plan forward as expected, India is drawing another plan to connect Assam with Bhutan by constructing a... More

Hydropower can change the face of South Asia

Bhutan and Nepal, two ‘least developed countries’ that could change the face of South Asia with the power of hydroelectricity. Both countries are part of... More

What after Bhutanese refugees resettlement?

For over two decades, Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, has generously hosted some 120,000 Bhutanese refugees. The predominantly Nepali-speaking Bhutanese identified... More

Indian demonetization hits Bhutanese orange export

Bhutan sees a bumper production of high quality of oranges this year. Still, fruit growers in the country fear the Indian move of scraping high... More

Bhutan for BBIN economic cooperation

Bhutan is looking at the sub-regional grouping of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) for better economic cooperation despite the setback of the Motor Vehicle... More

Making Bhutan the cleanest country

  Perhaps for the first time in Bhutan, every citizen is involving in a nationwide cleaning campaign on December 9 to commemorate the 10th anniversary the... More

Bhutan: Happiness lacks legal foothold

Preservation of culture, a cornerstone and one of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness (GNH) of Bhutan, lacks a legal foothold in absence of... More

Bhutan ministers under fire for frequent uses of choppers

Bhutanese ministers including the Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay came under fire for frequently using helicopter services. The opposition alleged that the state is being unnecessarily... More

Bhutan working on a diplomatic relation with Israel

Slowly but steadily Bhutan is developing its relations with Israel. This is being done through agricultural training mooted out to Bhutan’s agro students by Israel.... More

Bhutan minimizes border dispute with China

Bhutan, after blocking the ratification of the India initiated ‘four nations sub-regional road connectivity’ deal, has advanced a long way to minimize its dispute with... More

Bhutan in dilemma over endorsing BBIN deal

The government of Bhutan has engulfed in a crisis after it had failed to ratify the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal motor vehicle agreement, a sub-regional initiative in... More

Bhutan to import cheap BD bandwidth

Bhutan to import cheap BD bandwidth SA Monitor Staff Amid downward position in creating a ‘favorable business environment’ for foreign investors, Bhutan has decided to buy Internet... More

Whereabouts of Daud Merchant Unknown

The whereabouts of the Indian citizen Abdul Rauf alias Daud Merchant, accused of the murder of musician Gulshan Kumar in India, has been unknown since... More


Myanmar’s fragile peace process set to unravel

Myanmar’s peace process is slowly unraveling as the discussions between the government and the ethnic groups involved remains marred by confusion, indecision and division. Days away from the next round of the 21st Century Panglong or national peace conference, there is still no clear idea of who... More

Why kicking itself out of OBOR was...

While India stopped short of attending the last week held summit of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China, otherwise known as ‘One Belt One Road’ vision, the decision should not be confused with, despite India’s allusions to the violation of its territory and sovereignty, the possibility... More

Can India afford to ignore OBOR

India's decision to not join the One Belt One Road (OBOR) or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Summit in Beijing (May 14-16) is not just about the sovereignty issues, as has been made out by Delhi. It is not just about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor entering through... More

International-ising Jadhav

This was a good week for Pakistan. First Modi made the faux pas of the decade by boycotting the China Summit on the “One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiatives, then India gave us an enormous platform for internationalizing human rights by going to the ICJ over the... More

Asia is central to China’s strategic vision

China’s international summit to help promote its strategic vision – ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR), now dubbed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – has just concluded in Beijing. Twenty-nine heads of state and representatives from 130 countries attended the two-day forum on 14-15 May. Most of... More


Resolving the National Question: Where is the key?

"We all know the old joke about a guy looking for his lost key under the street light; when asked where he lost it, he admits that it was in a dark corner. So... More

China tightens grips on ASEAN

China has deepened its influence on ASEAN nations, and the just-concluded ASEAN Summit with its chairman’s watered-down statement stands testimony to this. This China factor — coming on the back of Beijing’s huge investments as... More

China’s new world order

China recently hosted 29 heads of state and government at the Belt and Road Forum, reinforcing the country’s claim to leadership of an emerging geopolitical and economic world order. The summit conference that... More

Why Kashmir remains disturbed

Whether stone pelting on Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir is being done at the behest of Pakistan or as a response to fundamentalists' call, the fact remains that the valley is disturbed. Scores of... More



Reaction to “Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade”

David Bergman, British investigative journalist based in Bangladesh, commented on a recently published column of South Asian Monitor titled "SOUTHERN EYE: Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade" in his facebook profile. "This is a fascinating and detailed article... More

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