Gunmen storm Kabul mosque; over 20 killed

Police officials said an explosion occurred outside Imam Zaman Mosque in the first minutes of the attack. Many explosions were later heard from the area during the clearance operation by the Crisis Response Unit of the Afghan National Police. Police... More

US accuses Russia of arming Taliban ‘to hide Its own defeat’ in...

Unfounded speculations by US politicians about alleged supplies of arms to the Taliban by Russia are aimed at concealing the truth of America's obvious defeat in Afghanistan, which Washington is still struggling to postpone, Afghan political observer... More

Cracks in Trump’s Af-Pak policy

President Donald Trump has finally found time from the internal White House crises and racial tensions within the United States to address a much-awaited cornerstone of his administration’s foreign policy: the question of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The sixteen... More

Pakistan urges U.S. to tackle militant sanctuaries in Afghanistan

Pakistan on Thursday responded to Washington's accusation that it shelters the Afghan Taliban by saying the U.S. military itself is failing to eliminate militant sanctuaries inside Afghanistan. The rare reaction came in a policy statement issued by the... More

Taliban suicide bomber targeting Afghan police kills seven

A suicide bomber targeting Afghan policemen and soldiers collecting their pay killed at least seven people and wounded more than 40 on Wednesday, officials said. The suicide attacker with a car bomb struck in Lashkar Gah, capital of... More

Military efforts alone will not end US’ longest war

China welcomes efforts to improve the security situation in Afghanistan and hopes the US policy will help to achieve that objective and promote stability, an opinion piece published in the China Daily said Wednesday highlighting that military... More

Trump’s Afghanistan policy

President Donald Trump's much touted Afghan strategy -- which is a U-turn on his original views -- is essentially a facelift of a tried, tested and failed formula. It is a surge, of sorts, backed by a rap... More

Trump’s Afghan strategy sticks to old script

In his new strategy for Afghanistan released Monday, US President Donald Trump said he would put more US troops into the nation. His predecessor Barack Obama was clear in pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, so he reduced... More

Taliban responds to Trump’s Afghan strategy

The Afghan Taliban has warned Donald Trump is "wasting" American soldiers' lives after the US president approved sending thousands more troops to the war-ravaged country. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said Afghanistan would become a "graveyard" for the US on Tuesday after dismissing Trump's... More

Afghanistan war by numbers

President Donald Trump used his first prime-time White House address to brief USA and the world about the "path forward" in the 16-year war in Afghanistan on Monday night. The conflict has cost thousands of lives and... More

Trump says it’s ‘possible’ for new Afghan government to include Taliban elements

In his speech about future US strategy in Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump said that Washington will pursue “integration of all instruments of American power: diplomatic, economic, and military.” This may include making peace with some elements... More

Chinese company building biggest Afghan embassy in Pakistan

A leading Chinese company will build the Afghan embassy complex in Islamabad that will cost nearly 17 million US dollars, Xinhua reported Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister Nasir Ahmad Andisha joined the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong and... More

Trump has made Afghanistan decision after ‘rigorous’ review: Mattis

President Donald Trump has made a decision on the United States' strategy for Afghanistan after a "sufficiently rigorous" review process, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Sunday. However, Mattis did not provide details on when the White House... More

New US strategy for Afghanistan

As the new US administration mulls over how to best deal with the Afghan imbroglio, the Taliban have sent an open letter to Trump advising him to completely pull US troops out of the country. The chances... More

US’ $8.5 billion campaign to fight drugs in Afghanistan a ‘failure’, Moscow...

The US anti-drug campaign in Afghanistan, on which Washington spent $8.5 billion, has failed: the production of drugs in that country is still high, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday. Citing the recommendation of US Special... More

Trump, top aides seek to overcome divisions delaying Afghan strategy

U.S. President Donald Trump huddles with his national security team on Friday to try to agree on a strategy for Afghanistan which includes options ranging from a pullout or reduction of U.S. forces to a modest troop... More

Trump to meet national security team over Afghanistan on Friday

US President Donald Trump will meet Friday with his national security team at Camp David, as he mulls whether or not to send more American troops to Afghanistan. The administration is split over what stance to adopt on... More

US prepares first Black Hawk deliveries to Afghanistan

The United States is on course to deliver the first batch of four Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters to Afghanistan in the coming weeks. NATO announced on its Resolute Support Facebook page on 15 August that, with... More

Full withdrawal from Afghanistan is an option: Mattis

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis said at a press conference on Monday that President Donald Trump's administration was "very, very close" to finalising its new strategy for Afghanistan but warned it had not been settled yet. "The... More

Taliban warns Trump against sending in more troops

The Taliban told U.S. President Donald Trump in an open letter on Tuesday that the military situation in Afghanistan was "far worse than you realize", and sending in more troops would be self-destructive. A senior Taliban official told... More

Iran, China to be connected via Afghanistan: Ghani

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said expanding Afghanistan’s relations with central Asian countries would bring about many facilities to trade and transit spheres, a statment from the Presidential Palace said. President Ghani during a meeting with World Bank (WB) Vice... More


Hybrid warfare: Strategic coercion against Pakistan

While a globalised world was a cherished goal to bring people together, globalisation is increasingly used by one or the other country or group of countries to dominate the rest of the world by a violent process. Looking around we see wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen where the powers that be are trying to bend the power game towards themselves. Conventional wars are now more often not... More

Bangladesh’s Hercules syndrome and rule of vigilante law

A rapist was killed and his body was left with a note that said the death meted out to him was punishment for his crime. It was signed Hercules. A couple of other reports have appeared with such declarations and they have aroused considerable interest in media, particularly social media, the motherland of speculations. Who could be the possible vigilante killer? Long history Extra-judicial killings are nothing new and last... More

India key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, says former Portuguese...

“This has less to do with geography than with history,” Macaes writes in his insightful book Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order. “As two rising giants, China and India will play a disproportionate role in shaping the new world political and economic order, but like every claim on the future, their role remain ambiguous. In China's case, the question is whether it will eventually measure up to the task... More

BJP has communalised process of awarding Indian citizenship?

Political realities have temporarily halted the BJP’s brazen attempt to communalise Indian citizenship requirements to the advantage of the majority Hindus and to the detriment of the minority Muslims. Evidently, there is also a bias in favour of the north Indian majority and against the Tamil minority in the matter of giving citizenship. But this has not been brought to light in a major and sustained way yet, because the... More

Amid peace talks, India and Ghani flog the dead-horse of elections...

Last week, Moscow hosted delegations from the Taliban and Afghanistan’s political opposition in a bid to establish sound political contacts between the two actors. The delegation of the opposition parties included Afghanistan’s former president, Hamid Karzai, and at least two female members, including a human rights activist, Hawa Nooristani, and a former parliament member Fawzia Koofi. The meeting in itself underscored the new political dynamics that would probably be at... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More