Bangladesh’s biggest opposition party crushed by a legal avalanche

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) – one of the country’s biggest political parties – is enduring the worst days since its formation four decades ago, with its leader and former prime minister Khaleda Zia languishing in jail... More

‘Godfathers’ surrender but meth keeps flowing in Bangladesh

Despite the surrender of 102 alleged “godfathers” and their associates in Bangladesh, shipments of methamphetamines, or yaba, from Myanmar keep coming, The Daily Star newspaper reported. The Bangladesh government has a list of 43 drug traffickers and their... More

Tapping potential of connectivity through BCIM-EC

The Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor (BCIM-EC) is a sub-regional initiative, earlier known as “Kunming Initiative”, or BCIM Regional Economic Cooperation, was established in August 1999 in Kunming, capital of China’s south-western Yunnan Province by the scholars from China,... More

Bangladesh PM Hasina hints on retirement from politics after present term

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given hint that her present — and third consecutive — term could possibly be her last as prime minister as she said she wanted to create room for younger leaders. In an... More

Bangladesh gets first female Christian MP

A Catholic lawyer has become the country’s first female Christian member of parliament in Muslim-majority Bangladesh. Gloria Jharna Sarker, a mother of two, will represent the ruling Awami League party in Bangladesh’s Lower House. The Awami League retained power... More

Rohingya urgently need relief, but is world willing to make an effort?

Eighteen months after being driven from their homes in Myanmar by what U.N. officials described as a campaign of genocidal violence by the military, the situation facing Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh remains perilous. Hundreds of thousands of... More

Bangladesh stops more Rohingya taking risky trip to Malaysia

Bangladesh security forces stopped 22 Rohingya Muslims from being smuggled to Malaysia by boat, officials said on Monday (Feb 11), the second group in three days prevented from leaving squalid refugee camps. Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) forces found... More

After criticizing vote, US charts careful course on Bangladesh

Bangladesh faced widespread international criticism over the conduct of recent elections, but the United States looks set for business as usual as it sees strong common interests with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As the eighth most populous nation... More

Canada offers role in helping Rohingya refugees

Canada wants to play a role in solving the Rohingya refugee crisis, The Bangladesh Chronicle and New Age reported on February 5. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s special envoy to Myanmar, Bob Rae, stressed during a recent... More

Hundreds of Arakanese, Chin flee to Bangladesh as army, AA clash in...

About 250 newly displaced Arakanese and ethnic Chin from Chin State’s Paletwa Township were driven from their homes into neighboring Bangladesh last week by fierce fighting between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army (AA). Some of... More

Row at India-Bangladesh border: 8 Rohingya women, 17 children released

A Rohingya Muslim group of eight women and 17 children, who were arrested after being stuck at the India-Bangladesh border last month, was on Monday released from jail following deposit of bail bonds by Rohingya refugee community. Judicial... More

SWIFT help for Bangladesh bank that lost US$81 million in world’s biggest...

International payments network SWIFT said it had signed an agreement with Bangladesh’s central bank to help it rebuild its infrastructure after hackers used it to steal US$81 million in 2016 in the world’s biggest cyber heist. Unidentified hackers,... More

China-Bangladesh cooperation under BRI to mitigate seaborne security threats in the Bay...

The ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative (BRI), commenced by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, has been the most significant and far-reaching project that China has ever put forward. More

Bangladesh imports first LNG from Oman Trading as terminal runs full

Bangladesh has imported its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from Oman Trading International, its long-term supplier of the super-chilled fuel, after construction at a domestic pipeline was completed. The LNG tanker Cape Ann, with a capacity of... More

Illicit money gushing out of Bangladesh

Illicit capital outflows from Bangladesh go unabated and as much as US$81.74 billion was siphoned off the country during the period 2006-2015, according to a recent study by the Washington-based research organization Global Financial Integrity. The study, which... More

GI war between Bangladesh and India over Khirsapati mangoes

Khirsapati mangoes from Chapai-Nababgunje of Bangladesh, recently got Geographical Indication (GI) recognition following which a dispute arose between India and its neighbouring country as the mango variety was already GI tagged some ten years back here. Malda of... More

Bangladesh rejects Pakistani envoy’s credentials nearly a year after appointment

In a sign of persistent strain in bilateral relations, Bangladesh on Tuesday refused to accept the credentials of Saqlain Syedah as Pakistan’s high commissioner in Dhaka, The Express Tribune has learnt. According to diplomatic sources, the government of... More

China’s considerations and concerns

There has been quite a bit of curiosity about the intent and role of China in post-election Bangladesh.  It is not easy to read the minds of Chinese policymakers since they prefer to remain circumspect on most... More

Dhaka seeks Beijing’s strong support to resolve Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh has sought China’s “strong support” so that Myanmar moves in the right direction for resolving Rohingya crisis as Myanmar is not working to create conditions for the return for Rohingyas to their place of origin in... More

‘Fear has intensified’: Why Rohingya refugees are fleeing India for Bangladesh

In the last week alone, 61 Rohingya Muslims, including 28 minors, fleeing religious persecution in Myanmar have been detained by Indian security forces in the North East. Thirty of them were held by the Assam police on... More

Indian SC seeks response from centre on allowing Bangladesh illegal migrants in...

The Supreme Court sent a notice to the Centre and Tripura on Friday seeking a response a plea challenging 2015 amendment to the Passport Rules and the Foreigner Order that allowed people of minority community who have... More


Pakistan, Afghan peace and India

After almost two decades the US-led NATO intervention in Afghanistan aimed at eradicating the Taliban had no end in sight. US President Donald Trump and the American people, if not the US military, decided that an honourable exit was necessary to end the longest war in US history. Despite the fact that one of Trump’s election promise was to exit Afghanistan (Iraq and Syria) by reluctantly Troop had approved... More

Despite controversy, Afghanistan Peace Process makes major strides

Despite Kabul’s publicly made allegations on the US about ‘selling Afghanistan to the Taliban’ in the peace talks, there is little gainsaying that the Afghan-US war has never been so close to ending through settlement than it is now. While Kabul continues to express its anger over being excluded, there is little, given the legitimacy crisis Kabul is itself facing, that even the principal Afghan actors can do to... More

Regulators and conflict of interest

A governmental body created by a legislature to implement and enforce specific laws, a "Regulatory Agency" or a "Regulator" would usually have quasi-legislative functions, executive functions, and judicial functions. Many laws govern social and economic matters, such as income tax, environmental laws, occupational health and safety laws, real estate law, employment laws, etc. A regulatory agency serves two primary functions in govt: implement the laws and enforce the same. Regulations... More

Is Bangladesh an online state?

Bangladesh is an online state with an incredibly high number of virtual citizens. Few can match them in enthusiasm, participation and enjoyment of what the online world offers, good or bad. Much great stuff happens on the net but so does nasty stuff. It’s also a great producer of cultural and otherwise, not to mention, political ones. The recent spate of actions against online content considered “harmful” have spiked, which,... More

How China might undo Saudi plans for Iran?

The recent Saudi bid to increase its economic and political influence in South Asia (Pakistan and India) is, as I pointed out in my previous stories for SAM, largely informed not just by the imperative of a Saudi economic expansion across Asia and avoid economic doom, but also by the objective of snatching Iran’s share of oil market in this part of the world. This is partly one reason... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More