Myanmar reopens border gate with Bangladesh as military crackdown ends

Myanmar has reopened No. 1 border gate with Bangladesh which was temporarily closed following terrorist attacks on some three border posts on Oct. 9 last year, according to the State Counselor's Office Thursday – Xinhua reports. The border... More

Life term means jail until death Says chief justice

Life imprisonment means jail sentence until natural death, Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha said on Tuesday. Although Under Section 57 of the Penal Code, life sentence refers to 30 years' prison term, the basis of such... More

Malaysian aid ship for Rohingyas arrives in Bangladesh

A Malaysian aid ship arrived in Bangladesh on Monday carrying aid for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have fled from Myanmar, many citing abuses by the Myanmar security forces. Reports Reuters. Nearly 70,000 Rohingya have fled... More

Sheikh Hasina’s Delhi visit remains uncertain

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s New Delhi visit might be postponed till April instead of February as was expected earlier. This date may even be shifted to later in the year if the two countries fail to... More

West Bengal objects to BD’s Ganges Barrage too

West Bengal has been a major obstacle to the Teesta water agreement between Bangladesh and India. They are now objecting to the Ganges Barrage Project proposed by Bangladesh. Recently in a letter to the Indian government, West Bengal... More

BD- SL expected to sign free trade agreement

A free trade agreement between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is currently being discussed to boost bilateral trade and the two countries’ governments will sign the agreement soon, Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed has said. “The proposal is now... More

New CEC more loyal to AL: BNP

The new chief election commissioner is even more loyal to the Awami League than his predecessor Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad, the BNP has alleged. "The people of the country have no confidence in him that he would be... More

Police form new anti-terror teams in BD

Bangladesh Police is going to create commando teams in all metropolitan areas and range police units to deal with any crisis situation such as militant attack or hostage situation. “The crisis teams will respond to any emergency call... More

BD should scrap Rohingya relocation plan: HRW

Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged Bangladesh government to immediately drop its plan to transfer Rohingya refugees to an uninhabited, undeveloped coastal island. It said that relocating the refugees from the Cox’s Bazar area to Thengar Char island... More

New CEC triggers old controversy

Speculations about the political and election scenario in Bangladesh are drawing to a close with the restructure of the Election Commission. President Abdul Hamid on Monday night formed the new Election Commission with former bureaucrat Nurul Huda... More

BD candidate challange ACT election results

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) election 2016 result is being challenged in the Supreme Court, where a candidate who was barred from standing wants the result in Gungahlin, one of the eighteen districts, declared void. It is... More

E-9 education conference begins in Bangladesh

A high-level conference of E-9, a forum of nine high-population countries, began here Sunday to discuss policies necessary for the member states to achieve the United Nations' education-related "Sustainable Development Goal-4". Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the... More

BD power plant protest not aimed at China

A protest this week against a $2.4-billion Chinese-backed power plant in Bangladesh which turned violent was not against Chinese participation in the project but due to residents' "different opinions", China's Commerce Ministry said on Friday. The coal-fired plant... More

Rohingya refugees to be sent in remote deep sea isle

THENGAR Char in the coastal area of Bangladesh under Noakhali district, where government planning to relocate thousands of Rohingya is not only isolated from locality but far away from relatively well known Island-Upazila Hatia. Hatred towards Muslim –... More

BD LNG import may raise gas price five times

Increasing gas supplies by 28.32 million cubic metres per day from imported Liquefied Natural Gas may push up average gas price by more than five times the current price in the domestic market in Bangladesh. The distribution utilities... More

Can BD’s economy base ensure sustainable development?

In recent years Bangladesh economy has been enjoying an upper-mid growth rate, but it is doubtful whether this development will be sustainable for a long term. The government has fixed a target of 7.2 percent growth rate... More

Not torture, really? Justifying police action uncalled for

We were informed by the home minister, much to our dismay, that the police do not torture journalists. Apparently what happened during the half-day peaceful protest on January 27 by the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas,... More

Santos jointly explores oil & gas in BD

Bangladesh state-run Petroleum Exploration Company (Bapex), in its first-ever offshore exploration program, is set to initiate oil and gas exploration in offshore Magnama structures under a joint venture (JV) with Australian Santos, the media reported. The country’s cabinet... More

Palestine Prez to visit BD next month

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of Palestine, will go to Bangladesh on February 1 on a three-day state visit for further strengthening relations between the two nations, the media in Bangladesh reported Tuesday. Foreign minister Reyad Al Maliki and... More

Sheikh Hasina’s India tour could be delayed

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's New Delhi visit next month seems unlikely as most of the focus in India would be on elections in five states, including the most populous Uttar Pradesh, beginning February 11 along with increased... More

23 BD rivers die due to upstream water withdrawal

A total of 23 rivers in Bangladesh have died due to upstream withdrawal of waters. Water security has further been threatened by the impact of climate change. Ground water levels have fallen drastically and salinity has increased.... More


Ways in which China is drawing Nepal into its embrace

There is an apocryphal story that theNepalese believe that they have two elder brothers – the first, an interfering, censorial and patronizing one, namely India, and the second, a non-interfering, benign and respectful one, namely China. The dichotomy mentioned above isbut a product of history. New Delhi,covertly, and sometimes overtly, claims a patron-client relationship with Nepalimagining itself to be the successor to the British Raj. But China,on the other hand, has... More

Pakistan, Afghan peace and India

After almost two decades the US-led NATO intervention in Afghanistan aimed at eradicating the Taliban had no end in sight. US President Donald Trump and the American people, if not the US military, decided that an honourable exit was necessary to end the longest war in US history. Despite the fact that one of Trump’s election promise was to exit Afghanistan (Iraq and Syria) by reluctantly Troop had approved... More

Despite controversy, Afghanistan Peace Process makes major strides

Despite Kabul’s publicly made allegations on the US about ‘selling Afghanistan to the Taliban’ in the peace talks, there is little gainsaying that the Afghan-US war has never been so close to ending through settlement than it is now. While Kabul continues to express its anger over being excluded, there is little, given the legitimacy crisis Kabul is itself facing, that even the principal Afghan actors can do to... More

Regulators and conflict of interest

A governmental body created by a legislature to implement and enforce specific laws, a "Regulatory Agency" or a "Regulator" would usually have quasi-legislative functions, executive functions, and judicial functions. Many laws govern social and economic matters, such as income tax, environmental laws, occupational health and safety laws, real estate law, employment laws, etc. A regulatory agency serves two primary functions in govt: implement the laws and enforce the same. Regulations... More

Is Bangladesh an online state?

Bangladesh is an online state with an incredibly high number of virtual citizens. Few can match them in enthusiasm, participation and enjoyment of what the online world offers, good or bad. Much great stuff happens on the net but so does nasty stuff. It’s also a great producer of cultural and otherwise, not to mention, political ones. The recent spate of actions against online content considered “harmful” have spiked, which,... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More