Joining WTO may hinder access to health technologies and medicines

Although Bhutan is still at the negotiation stage on its accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) since 2004, the registrar of Bhutan Medical and Health Council, Sonam Dorji said becoming a member of WTO would not... More

Bhutan tops tobacco and marijuana users in South East Asia

Bhutan has the highest number of (24.6 percent) smokers in the region, a report on mental health status of adolescents in South-East Asia states. Despite complete ban on tobacco sales, tobacco use remains high among 13 to 17... More

Ministry withholds latest Labour Force Survey Report 

Although the Bhutanese labour and human resources ministry has completed the labour force survey for 2016 -2017, the ministry has not generated the report yet because of flaws that were pointed out after the survey. Labour ministry officials... More

Water shortage: Slow death of rural communities

It’s been more than a year seventy-six-year-old Tshering has been begging water from her neighbour. The muddy pond at Dhampheyjuk that served as the main source dried completely. And now her benefactor has stopped giving her water. Tshering... More

Misuse of SIMs cards across border still rampant

Gelephu police received information from police in the neighbouring district of Assam, India, that a Bhutanese SIM card was being used to make ransom calls in a kidnapping case across the border. Although both the abductor and abductee... More

First child-friendly court assures quicker justice

With the inauguration of the family and child court at the Thimphu dzongkhag court on Wednesday, the judiciary has fulfilled a mandate of Child Care and Protection Act of Bhutan 2011 (CCPAB). The judiciary established the specialised courts... More

GST regime in India to impact every sector in Bhutan

As the Indian government embarks on a new goods and services tax (GST) regime from July 1, Bhutan will experience two-edged implication. Imports may become cheaper, but exports could become dearer. The GST, in the Indian context, is... More

Sustainable job creation becoming crucial for Bhutan

One of the biggest challenges facing Bhutan today is the rising youth unemployment. The country have a population of about 141,000 in the age bracket of 15 to 24. As more and more young people graduate and... More

Bhutan most peaceful in the region: GPI

Bhutan is the most peaceful country in South Asia according to the latest Global Peace Index report 2017. Founder and Executive Chairman of the international think-tank Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), Steve Killelea,  launched the report at... More

Bhutan: Govt. will exceed 11th Plan targets: PM

The Bhutan government will not only achieve but exceed most of the 11th Plan targets by the end of its period, the Prime Minister assured in his state of the nation report that was presented to the... More

DNT demands Prime Minister resign

Stating that it is ready to sue the government, the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has called on Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay and Finance Minister Namgay Dorji to resign over what the party calls violation of the Constitution. DNT... More

ACC investigates 74 suspicious bank accounts

The Bhutanese Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is reportedly questioning and ascertaining the legality of sources for more than INR 107.435 million (M) of demonetised notes deposited in 74 bank accounts. It has been learnt that of the total amount... More

Parliament defers BBIN motor vehicle agreement

The joint sitting of Parliament on Thursday resolved to defer the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) motor vehicle agreement that seeks to facilitate seamless cross-border movement of passenger and cargo vehicles in the sub-region. A 12-member joint... More

Court sentences former Gelephu drungpa to 15 years

Gelephu drungkhag court sentenced the former Gelephu drungpa Pema Wangdi to 15 years in prison. The sentence is non-compoundable. The drungpa was sentenced to 35 years in prison for 20 charges of corruption, forgery, embezzlement, commission, omission, official misconduct,... More

Bhutan: Man sentenced for impersonating a reporter

Gelephu dungkhag court recently sentenced a 23-year old man to five years and two months imprisonment for repeated impersonating. According to the verdict, Jigme Thinley, who is from Lauri, Samdrupjongkhar, impersonated as a Reporter from Bhutan Broadcasting Service... More

NA concerned by NC’s rejection of fiscal incentives bill

It was inappropriate for the National Council (NC) to “reject” Fiscal Incentives Bill 2016 in totality. The upper House of Parliament can only propose recommendations in case of a money bill. Assembly members pointed out this out while... More

Bhutanese safe in Qatar, says ambassador

Bhutanese living in Qatar, the Gulf state in the Middle East is safe, assured the ambassador to Kuwait, Tshering Gyaltshen Penjor. A June 5 press release from the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Kuwait called on all Bhutanese living... More

`Bhutan needs third Internet Gateway’

Despite rapid Internet development, Bhutan still has a long way to go, says Philip Smith, the man who brought Internet to Bhutan. Philip Smith was the brain behind the Internet in the country in June 1999 when the... More

Council recommends mineral development policy to be halted

While the Bhutan government approved the mineral development policy after eight years of contemplation, the National Council recommended halting its implementation until the mines and mineral management Act get amended. It also recommended doing away with the clause,... More

Assembly endorses media Bill

The National Assembly passed the Bhutan Information Communications and Media Bill 2016 on Tuesday. Forty of the 41 members present in the House voted “Yes” for the Bill, while one abstained. The bill, which seeks to repeal the... More

Pay commission must enjoy autonomy: NC

The Bhutanese Pay Commission must maintain its autonomy and stand away from the undue political motives. This was the highlight of discussion in the National Council on Monday as the deliberation on the commission happened. While the Constitution grants... More


Modi now looks vulnerable 

The BJP has tried to make all elections in India go the presidential way – Narendra Modi versus the rest. The results of elections in five states, which became clear by December 11 evening, may not change that but the Modi magic suddenly appears to be fading. It is not just the election results in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, where Modi campaigned extensively before the polls. The stunning resignation... More

Beijing increases pressure on Myanmar to open up economically amid Western...

China is increasing its pressure on the Myanmar government in an effort to consolidate its strategic position in Beijing’s march westward. China is also trying to capitalise on Myanmar’s increasing disaffection with the West, and the opportunity offered by the latter’s own cautious realignment and recently developed strategic vision, with the newly launched ‘Look East’ policy. A number of high-power senior Chinese government officials have visited the capital Naypyitaw, all... More

Trump’s melodrama vis-à-vis Pakistan meets ground realities

The Trump administration's renewed push to seek Pakistan's help in bringing the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table comes as a striking contrast to what the US president had only very recently said in one of his interviews about Pakistan not doing anything in Afghanistan to help the US win the war, or even get out of it. Coming from a president who is famous for his unpredictable habit of... More

Imran Khan needs better advisers

One of the central problems of Imran Khan’s government is the quality and commitment of his range of advisers, not only for day-to-day politics but for short and long-term decision-making processes. The PM has been more than once given the perception of taking off-the-cuff decisions through speeches and interviews. Even good advisers do not matter until there is a due process for diligence and analysis to not only sort... More

In Bangladesh, a poor politician is of no use to anyone

In Dhaka’s swirling political speculations and gossip, the latest is about who among the electoral candidates is wealthy and who is not. On paper, many have declared their wealth and almost none have been found credibility among the public. They know that to survive in politics you need to make and spend a lot of money which, going by wealth levels, would be impossible. Politics is not just about power... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More


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