WB awards grant to support mining reforms in Bhutan

The World Bank (WB) has awarded a grant to the Royal Government of Bhutan to support reforms in the mining sector. The Work Bank-led Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) multi-donor trust fund provided the $300,000... More

Bhutan observes ‘World Environment Day’ with traffic free day

Bhutan observes "Pedestrians' Day" across the country on Tuesday (June 5) to mark the World Environment Day. According to the notification from the Royal Bhutan Police, Traffic division, all the core urban town areas across... More

Bhutan proposes to graduate from LDC in 2023

Bhutan has requested the United Nations to consider its graduation from Least Developed Countries (LDC) in 2023 instead of 2021 stating that it is in the country’s interest to graduate after the conclusion of ... More

India mulls constructing border road, barbed fence along Bhutan border

Despite the “cordial relations”, New Delhi is seriously working on initiating a number of “strict security regulations” along India’s 699-km long “open border” with Bhutan. Sources in the Ministry of Home Ministry told Northeast Now... More

Following the SAARC agenda for culture, Thimphu, capital of Bhutan, was declared as the second SAARC Cultural Capital city for 2018, Thursday at the Clock Tower Square in Thimphu. This means that Thimphu has been... More

Bhutan: Coming out of India’s shadow

Bhutan and India are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic ties this year. The foreign ministers of the two countries formally launched the yearlong celebrations in New Delhi on February 21. The Indo-Bhutan relation is often... More

Bhutan-EU trade support project launched

To diversify the country’s export and promote brand Bhutan, the European Union (EU) has provided a fund of Euro 4 million on May 24. The EU-Bhutan Trade Support Project will run over 40 months and... More

Bhutan approves 64 FDIs in 15 years

Bhutan has to date approved 64 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects worth Nu 34 billion since the country allowed foreign investment in 2002. According to the FDI annual report 2017, the country approved five projects... More

Why Bhutan so strict about entry of Indians?

A Bhutanese truck on May 20 mowed down a motorcycle-borne youth at Milanpur along the Indo-Bhutan border in Assam’s Barpeta district. Angry locals intercepted the killer truck and set it on fire, while another... More

GNH: Bhutan’s way of measuring Happiness

At a world bank forum held in February 2002 in Kathmandu, Nepal, the representative of Bhutan, a himalayan buddhist kingdom the size of Switzerland asserted while his country's gross national product was not very... More

Bhutan delegation visits SAARC HQ in Nepal

A 14-member delegation from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service paid a visit to the SAARC Headquarters in Kathmandu, this forenoon. The delegation was led by Mr. Jigme, Executive Producer, states a press note issued by... More

Bhutan-India trade grows

While India enjoys a favourable balance of trade, Bhutan’s export to India is growing faster than the growth of imports from India, the Indian commerce and industry secretary Rita Teaotia said. “This is welcome,” she... More

Bhutan political parties share thoughts on state of democracy

As Bhutan completes 10 years of democratic constitutional monarchy, political parties came together to share their thoughts on the state of Bhutanese democracy. Organised by the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) in collaboration... More

India’s Northeast Frontier Railway submits studies to extend rail connectivity to Bhutan

The Northeast Frontier Railway has submitted feasibility studies to the Ministry of External Affairs to extend rail connectivity to Bhutan, officials said. At present, there is no rail link between the two countries. The five feasible... More

Bhutan among fastest growing economies in Asia: ADB

With an economic growth rate of 7.5 percent in 2017, Bhutan is the fastest growing economy in the developing Asia region, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The bank’s Asian Development Outlook 2018, states... More

Bhutan constitutes third National Council Thursday

Wednesday (May 9) was the last day in office for members of the second National Council (NC) of Bhutan. The house will be re-constituted today (May 10) with elections for a new Chairperson and... More

Number of vehicles in Bhutan grows by 9% from 2016-2017

The number of vehicles in Bhutan increased by over nine per cent from 2016 to 2017. This is according to the Info-Comm and Transport Statistics 2018 released by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The... More

Policy dialogue discusses challenges, potentials of BBIN-MVA

Although Bhutan is yet to ratify the BBIN motor vehicle agreement (MVA), studies have already been conducted to present the ground realities along the BBIN corridor. To share and discuss the insights of various studies... More

Bhutan to graduate from being a Least Developed Country

Bhutan is about to graduate from being one of the world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs), as defined by the UN. The world’s 47 LDCs comprise about 880 million people – or 12% of the world... More

Indians cross over to Bhutan for buying fuel Rs 20 cheaper per...

For Indians living near the Bhutan border in Assam, a trip across the border is all it takes to get fuel and liquor at bargain prices. Hundreds of people heading to the Bhutanese town... More

Bhutan sets up NTCA-like body for tiger protection

Bhutan has established a centre on the lines of India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to monitor cross-border tiger movements, which will help protect big cats. The National Tiger Center (NTC), based in Gelephu on... More


India faces tough choices as the US sanctions Iran

For the Indian policy makers, one of the crucial questions today is of how to walk a balancing act between the US, their prime strategic ally, and Iran, their traditional regional ally and, of course, third biggest supplier of oil.  The question has become even more significant ever since... More

Writing on the Wall

Even a cursory analysis of the three Nawaz Sharif sackings as PM reveals one constant sordid fact, his incurring penchant to listen to a bunch of “unelectable advisors” who constantly feed his already inflated ego about his supposed omni-potency. The 1993 sacking did him wonders, turning an Establishment “puppet... More

Something is broken in Bangladesh: Will it heal?

There is something scared about the relationship between a University, its teachers and students. It is built on trust, obligation, mutual affection and much more. Its as if the teacher is the parent, the campus is the home. A relationship is inherently therefore written into this unwritten contract. It was... More

Myanmar minister’s mission impossible

Myanmar’s new finance minister, Soe Win is determined to revitalize the government’s economic policies and ensure their effective implementation, according to government insiders. Although he has only been in his post for less than two months, there are significant signs that with him at the helm, the government’s commitment... More

The Wuhan spirit of cooperation picks up

The informal Modi-Xi summit at Wuhan had decided to provide “strategic guidance” to their militaries to manage and defuse troop confrontations along the 4057 km Line of Actual Control (LAC). The two leaders asserted that during patrolling, the two armies should stick to existing protocols and mechanisms. These range... More


India’s social-media ‘lynch mobs’ pose growing threat

Social-media platforms are often criticized for their susceptibility to toxic dialogue and vicious attacks. It is a problem that India knows well. Just ask External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, whose recent vilification by members and supporters of her own ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a case in point. Swaraj... More

The new trade order

Since the start of the year, U.S. President Donald Trump has lashed out at allies and adversaries alike on trade. Often, as with India, the U.S. has pushed for enhanced security cooperation at the same time it declared trade relations a national security threat. The belligerence has left many... More

One day does not an election make

The much-awaited Gazipur city election is over, the “we-knew-it-from-before” polls results are upon us, the “impartiality” of the police and the “neutrality” of the civil administration have once again been demonstrated, the never-too-late-to-follow “certificate” of the Election Commission has been delivered and, of course, our democracy now stands “strengthened”. As... More

The PDP-BJP coalition was an unnatural and opportunistic alliance

The BJP pulled out of the coalition government and the other partner, the PDP, had no choice but to resign. The BJP pulled out of the coalition government and the other partner, the PDP, had no choice but to resign. Only a few weeks ago I had poured out my... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate Gorkhaland. I told them in no way should they support this demand. This has multifarious geo-political risks. If a Gorkhaland state is... More