India – Myanmar Navy exercise begins

India-Myanmar Navy Exercise 2018 began in Visakhapatnam on Sunday. The Union of Myanmar Navy Ships UMS King Sin Phyu Shin (Frigate) and UMS Inlay (Off-shore Patrol Vessel) arrived on Sunday to participate in the maiden bi-lateral Indian... More

The ‘Chubby Girl’ giving China an edge over India

China’s indigenously developed military transport aircraft, the Y-20, is being built in significant numbers, with latest satellite imagery showing six planes at various stages of completion at the production hub of Yanliang. The home-grown transporter is codenamed ‘Kunpeng’... More

India, Russia close to deal for S-400 air defence systems

India and Russia are in the final stages of negotiations to purchase S-400 air defence systems two years after their initial deal on the matter. A commercial contract is expected to be signed soon and could happen... More

Chinese unmanned tanks pose a new threat for Indian Army’s defences

In 1962, even strong Indian Army defences in sectors like Ladakh and Walong were eventually overrun by human waves of Chinese soldiers. The scenario for a future war is now even bleaker – with the People’s Liberation... More

India’s new frontline fighter air base near Pakistan border

In a major move to boost infrastructure along the India-Pakistan border, New Delhi has cleared construction of a new frontline airbase at Deesa in Banaskantha district of Gujarat for the Indian Air Force (IAF). The construction of... More

Pakistan acquires powerful missile tracking system from China

China has sold Pakistan a powerful tracking system in an unprecedented deal that could speed up the Pakistani military’s development of multi-warhead missiles. News of the sale – and evidence that China is supporting Pakistan’s rapidly developing missile... More

Indian Navy’s remote-piloted spy drone crashes due to engine failure

An Israel-made remotely piloted aircraft operated by the Indian Navy has crashed in Porbandar in the western state of Gujarat. This is the third accident involving the aircraft in three years. "A remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) of the... More

India disappointed with Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 fighter

Officials with the Indian Air Force believe that Russia's fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet does not correspond to required characteristics and is inferior to the American F-35 and F-22. Therefore, the Russian-Indian program for the development of the... More

India to locally upgrade 130mm M-46 Russian artillery guns

The M-46 Russian artillery guns being operated by the Indian Army will soon be upgraded from their existing target range of 27 kilometers to 36 kilometers. The upgrade will be done locally by the state-run Ordnance Factories... More


In his final speech to Air Headquarters, the outgoing Chief of Air Staff (CAS) of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Sohail Aman announced that the design of the JF-17 Block-III was finalized after... More

Indian army to buy air defence system

After several retrials and delays, the Army is set to begin contract negotiations in the multi-billion dollar deal for the very short-range air defence system or VSHORAD. “The activities relating to the Contract Negotiation Committee for the deal... More

Bangladesh Air Force annual exercise WINTEX begins

The annual winter exercise, WINTEX-2018, of Bangladesh Air Force began at all BAF bases and units across the country on Sunday (March 18). The main objective of the exercise is to assess the capability of BAF and evaluate... More

India moves on ‘theatre commands’ to bring three forces under single leadership

India has finally taken the first step towards eventually having integrated theatre commands, where all the manpower and assets of the Army, Navy and IAF are under the operational control of a single three-star general in theatre... More

The ‘largest arms-importer’ can’t stop Rawat complaining

India’s Army chief General Bipin Rawat is not someone who usually praises China. However, while speaking at a function in Delhi on March 13, he applauded Beijing's approach of simultaneously enhancing its military prowess with its rapid... More

India struggles to create Tejas fleet as HAL misses delivery targets

Production woes of the homegrown Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA) have led to disenchantment and frustration in the Indian Air Force (IAF), which has ordered 123 of the planes and plans to order 201 more upgraded variants... More

Indian Army’s equipment is obsolete and not ready for war

In its direst warning to India’s Parliament yet, the Indian Army’s top brass stated that deep budgetary cuts have severely eroded its capabilities to fight a war. “The budget of 2018-19 has dashed our hopes and most of... More

India lands Its C17 Globemaster heavy transport aircraft at China’s doorstep

The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Tuesday landed its heaviest transport aircraft at the Tuting advanced landing ground (ALG) which is a few miles away from the line of actual control (LAC) — the de facto border... More

Pakistan, China scaling up military; fund crunch crippling India’s combat capabilities

The Indian Army has told a parliamentary panel that even as China and Pakistan are modernising their militaries at a lightning pace, a looming financial crisis is crippling India’s combat capabilities at a time when it should... More

Russia says in talks with India on helicopters, frigates supplies

India is negotiating purchases of Russian Mi-17 helicopters and Project 11356 frigates, a Russian official said Monday (March 12). These negotiations "are proceeding and they are at different stages," Vasily Kozhin, aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin for... More

China is the biggest arms supplier to Pakistan, Bangladesh & Myanmar

China is the fifth biggest arms supplier in the world and also supplies the most weapons to India’s neighbours, a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has shown. Around 35% of China’s arms supplies went to... More

Pakistan Navy test-fires land-based anti-ship missile

The Pakistan Navy (PN) announced  that it had test-fired a land-based anti-ship missile (AShM) as part of a training drill. The PN did not disclose details, such as the AShM-type or its specifications. However, because it has been... More


The sorry state of Pakistan’s police

The imperial form of police infrastructure that Pakistan inherited was deliberately created to serve the British rulers rather than promote harmony, security and adherence to the law. The 1861 Police Act has never changed except for minor amendments. Even the new laws introduced by the provinces retain more or less the essence of the original imperial law. The persisting culture is to ensure that the weak remain subservient to... More

Bangladesh’s position on global terrorism index has improved: Australian agency CPES

An Australian outfit, Centre for Peace and Economic Studies (CPES), has stated that Bangladesh has gone up four positions in the global terrorism index, according to it’s ranking. Several other countries in South Asia have gone down in terms of vulnerability, including Pakistan and India. Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka have also improved their standings in this index. CPES has reported that introduction of modern education in madrassas, investment in... More

How the Taliban have become leading actor in Afghan peace talks

While the Taliban have established their domination both politically and militarily in almost half of Afghanistan, the consequent talks with the US and the way they have progressed show that they are already in a commanding position. They certainly have become the leading actor in these talks not just because they are the ones fighting the war against the US and Afghan forces, but also because they are directing... More

Exploiting Pakistan’s ‘Gold Coast’

The emerging markets of Central Asia require that a sea-land (south-south) dimension to support the north-south axis be added for expansion, otherwise all facilities and opportunities are likely to be clogged because of unplanned urban population expansion. The long coastline with stretches of virgin beaches and adjacent vast empty hinterland require well-planned commercial exploitation. It is personally satisfying that recommendations made in my articles of nearly three decades ago,... More

US withdrawal from Afghanistan showcases India’s hollow Afghan policy

When Donald Trump recently mocked India for building a library in Afghanistan, it signified a lot more than the fact that India is not fighting the Taliban as a US ally; it showed the actual limited presence of India in Afghanistan, although the Indian government has, as of lately, been busy responding to Trump’s jibe by listing its many projects in Afghanistan worth billions of dollars. But there can... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More