Pakistan’s AMAN 2019: “Together for peace”

Pakistan Navy is organizing a multi-nation naval exercise in the North Arabian Sea in February 2019. This is the sixth exercise of the AMAN series, which have been held bi-annually since 2007. All previous naval exercises of... More

Despite Modi’s promise, one more year passes without IAF getting its fighter...

The Rafale controversy has apparently slowed down the Indian Air Force’s plan to procure 114 fighter jets, with the process of acquiring them yet to get the necessary ‘Acceptance of Necessity’ from the defence ministry. The IAF has... More

Pakistan procuring 600 tanks to strengthen capability along border with India

Pakistan has drawn up an ambitious plan to procure close to 600 battle tanks including T-90 tanks from Russia, primarily to bolster its military might along the border with India, intelligence sources said Sunday. Most of the tanks... More

India’s upgraded Arjun tank on trial

An upgraded version of the Arjun tanks that has better firing and mobility is presently undergoing validation trials. ‘Arjun Mark 1A’ was being validated at trials, the Parliament was informed this week. This was the first official... More

India’s new land warfare doctrine is not a credible deterrent to China,...

The Land Warfare Doctrine, released by the Indian army on December 19 is a disappointing document. Its drafters have read the wrong warfare literature – lifting ideas from American writings, instead of drawing on China’s 2015 military... More

Indian military base in the Maldives is not a top priority for...

India has not sought building of any kind of military facility in return for granting $1.4 billion assistance to the Maldives, official sources said on Thursday. The sources said there was no “quid pro quo” in granting... More

China’s new “aircraft carrier killer” missile could add teeth to Pakistan navy

To counter the US Navy’s aircraft carriers projecting power into the South China Sea, Beijing developed a formidable, “carrier killer” weapon: the Dong Feng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), which can accurately strike warships 1,500 kilometres away. An... More

India army officers to take air defence training in Israel

The Indian Army has decided to send its Army Air Defence (AAD) officers to Israel for a course pertaining to Air Defence Missiles. The officers are of the rank of Major and Lieutenant Colonel. Speaking to this newspaper,... More

Who gave Pakistan MIRV technology?

Multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle technology (MIRV) is key to regional peace and stability, especially in the context of India-Pakistan Missile race. MIRV allows a single missile to deliver multiple warheads that can be programmed to hit... More

Cash-strapped HAL still in dire need of funds

State-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd’s (HAL) cash in hand has shrunk to a paltry Rs 1,000-odd crore as of the end of October this year, primarily due to delayed release of its budgetary allocations. The cash level at... More

Indian military suffers acute shortage of officers

Indian military forces may be acquiring firepower at a fast clip, but they surely lack in terms of manpower. Against a sanctioned strength of 74,000 officers, the Army, Navy and Air Force currently have only 65,000, limiting... More

Military dimension of China-Pak corridor concerns India

The thaw in New Delhi's relations with Beijing notwithstanding; India has been worried over China's growing defence cooperation with Pakistan and of late conveyed its concerns to the communist country. India has since long been concerned over Belt-and-Road... More

‘Cheaper’ Chinese Brahmos equivalent cruise missiles could end up with Pakistan

According to sources in the Indian armed forces, the cost of each BrahMos missile is more than Rs 30 crore, which is considered to be very high, and is preventing the forces from ordering for more of... More

India’s aircraft carriers: A giant waste of time!

Carriers are also expensive symbols of national prestige, and it is unlikely the Indian Navy will want to risk losing one, two or all three. Under the circumstances, India’s investment in carriers makes more sense symbolically, and... More

Sino-Pakistan military ties normal: experts

Defense cooperation between China and Pakistan is a normal and necessary practice which should not be linked to the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), experts said. The remarks to the Global Times came two days after the announcement... More

Indian military delegation in Myanmar to boost trust, cooperation

A tri-services delegation of senior military officials Sunday left for Myanmarese capital city of Nay Pyi Taw as part of a first ever exchange programme, aimed at enhancing mutual trust between the armed forces of the two... More

Indian Navy commissions fifth Mk IV landing craft

The Indian Navy commissioned its fifth L55 landing craft ship, following a ceremony at Port Blair. The Mk-IV class ship is indigenously designed and built by the state-owned Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata. The Indian Defence... More

President Alvi launches first Maritime Doctrine of Pakistan

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that the Pakistan Armed Forces have more experience in combating terrorism than other forces of the world, adding that focus on the maritime sector and its development is not a matter... More

Pakistan, Nigeria in $184.3m JF-17 thunder aircraft deal

Following the continuous rage by insurgents against the country, the Federal Government has entered into a deal with its Pakistani counterpart for the purchase of three JF-17 thunder aircraft. According to Gulf News, the Pakistani government’s Economic Coordination... More

Indian Army announces new land warfare doctrine

The Indian Army (IA) is seeking to create integrated battle groups (IBGs), expand its cyber warfare capabilities, and induct energy-directed weapons as well as artificial intelligence-based systems to manage multiple security challenges, the service announced in its... More

China builds air assets in Tibet, Indian missile units head east

Extensive exercises by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), the Chinese air force, in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) across the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC), and enhancement of Chinese aviation infrastructure in the region,... More


By reaching out to Taliban, Iran makes presence felt in Afghanistan...

The very nature of the conflict in Afghanistan has made it almost impossible for the neighbouring countries to remain aloof from it or maintain some distance, even a calculated one. For one thing, the conflict is no longer just between the US and Taliban or the US and al-Qaeda. The ISIS, known as IS-K in Afghanistan, has established its presence, which has forced many countries—Russia, China and Iran—to change... More

The sorry state of Pakistan’s police

The imperial form of police infrastructure that Pakistan inherited was deliberately created to serve the British rulers rather than promote harmony, security and adherence to the law. The 1861 Police Act has never changed except for minor amendments. Even the new laws introduced by the provinces retain more or less the essence of the original imperial law. The persisting culture is to ensure that the weak remain subservient to... More

Bangladesh’s position on global terrorism index has improved: Australian agency CPES

An Australian outfit, Centre for Peace and Economic Studies (CPES), has stated that Bangladesh has gone up four positions in the global terrorism index, according to it’s ranking. Several other countries in South Asia have gone down in terms of vulnerability, including Pakistan and India. Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka have also improved their standings in this index. CPES has reported that introduction of modern education in madrassas, investment in... More

How the Taliban have become leading actor in Afghan peace talks

While the Taliban have established their domination both politically and militarily in almost half of Afghanistan, the consequent talks with the US and the way they have progressed show that they are already in a commanding position. They certainly have become the leading actor in these talks not just because they are the ones fighting the war against the US and Afghan forces, but also because they are directing... More

Exploiting Pakistan’s ‘Gold Coast’

The emerging markets of Central Asia require that a sea-land (south-south) dimension to support the north-south axis be added for expansion, otherwise all facilities and opportunities are likely to be clogged because of unplanned urban population expansion. The long coastline with stretches of virgin beaches and adjacent vast empty hinterland require well-planned commercial exploitation. It is personally satisfying that recommendations made in my articles of nearly three decades ago,... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More