America getting weary of Afghan war

US senator Elizabeth Warren in her recent interview has concurred with President Donald Trump over his aim to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria. An otherwise strong critique of Donald Trump, Warren believes that these wars are... More

Pakistan asks China to diversify investments, PM adviser says

Pakistan is asking China to shift its investment focus from power and infrastructure projects to industrialization, agriculture and education as regards the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a cornerstone of Chinese President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative. Abdul... More

India’s border trade: Nepal tops the list, Bangladesh second

India’s border trade with its six neighbouring countries — China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar — accounts for a little over $12 billion, which is just 1.56% of India’s total global trade of $769 billion in... More

Trade deficit, depleting forex reserves prompt Nepal to take measures to boost...

The Nepali government has moved to take measures to boost exports and restrict imports as the country is worried about widening trade deficit and the decrease in foreign exchange reserves. Nepal's Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies on... More

Five major challenges that shook India’s economy in 2018

From GST to RBI to NPAs, both institutions and governance had a turbulent ride. The year 2018 saw significant challenges for the Indian economy. Implementation of the GST, a new bankruptcy process, recognition of non-performing loans by banks,... More

Reading the signals: India has a new military strategy against China

Earlier this month, as a part of Exercise Bahubali, the Indian Air Force (IAF) used its C-17 Globemasters to carry, as this newspaper reported, tanks and armoured personnel carriers to Leh airport. The objective was to demonstrate... More

No end to cycle of violence in Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir has been on the boil yet again, and so yet again the festering wounds have shown up. In the latest episode of unending battle between the security forces and the separatists, 11 people have been killed... More

Economic corridor with China key to Myanmar’s peace process

Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi was appointed the chairwoman of a panel to oversee Belt and Road initiative (BRI) projects on December 7. The steering committee with Vice President U Myint Swe, ministers, and regional... More

Tibetan body responds to SAM story on rift between Dalai Lama and...

Apropos the article ‘Differences between Dalai Lama and CTA president put Tibetan politics in a tailspin’ by Rajeev Sharma, published on November 27 on the South Asian Monitor, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) finds the article not only a misrepresentation... More

Why India’s BJP wants to rekindle the Babri mosque dispute

Twenty-six years ago, Hindu nationalists destroyed the Babri Masjid in the northern city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh state, sparking some of the bloodiest communal violence in India's recent history, which killed some 2,000 people. The perpetrators claimed... More

After the assembly polls, will an alternative politics gain momentum?

I am not an ‘election expert’. However, as the election results surprises us and made us understand the meaning of the changing political landscape in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, I began to recall a lesson that... More

Sri Lanka provides right ground for implementing ‘China-India Plus’ plan

Sri Lanka’s recent political crisis has attracted global attention with the appointment of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa as the new prime minister. Many observers link the leadership change to the contest for influence in South Asia between... More

As election nears, religious tensions surge in an Indian village

Nayabans isn't remarkable as northern Indian villages go. Sugar cane grows in surrounding fields, women carry animal feed in bullock carts through narrow lanes, people chatter outside a store and cows loiter. But this week, the village in... More

Farmers’ anger descends on Delhi

More than 100,000 farmers from across the country took to streets of Delhi on November 30 to express their fury over the government’s alleged apathy toward an ongoing agrarian crisis. Marching to the capital’s Parliament Street, they... More

Slow train to China: India’s trade ties with Beijing taking time to...

China and India may be talking about improving their trade relationship but there is little action to go with the words. According to Indian government officials and representatives of various Indian trade bodies, progress is very slow -... More

Nepal, Bangladesh agree to build hydro projects

Nepal and Bangladesh agreed to develop hydropower projects with government-to-government investment at an energy secretary-level meeting that concluded in Kathmandu on Tuesday. The electricity produced by these schemes will be exported to Bangladesh. The two countries also decided... More

Trump’s letter a failure of his “New South Asia” policy?

Both foreign and information ministry of Pakistan, along with the U.S officials, have confirmed that a letter from the President of United States of America Donald Trump has been received by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.... More

The Afghan peace talks

US General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently said the Taliban “are not losing” and there is no “military solution” to ending the war in Afghanistan. Dunford made the remarks amid US-Afghan attempts... More

CPEC defies skepticism to aid Pakistan’s development

Thus goes an ancient Chinese saying, "A long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time." So has it been with China's opening-up process. Notwithstanding brewing antagonism and doubts, China is not only... More

India harps on terror mantra as Pakistan talks peace

India continued to harp on its terrorism mantra on Wednesday despite Pakistan’s latest peace overture as Indian External Minister quashed the euphoria triggered by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kartarpur corridor initiative by putting a dampener on hopes... More

India must give diplomacy a last chance before it’s too late

Senate standing committee for the interior has unanimously passed a resolution condemning the recent attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi, carried out by Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) a known proxy of Indian RAW. “Indian Prime Minister Narendra... More


Hybrid warfare: Strategic coercion against Pakistan

While a globalised world was a cherished goal to bring people together, globalisation is increasingly used by one or the other country or group of countries to dominate the rest of the world by a violent process. Looking around we see wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen where the powers that be are trying to bend the power game towards themselves. Conventional wars are now more often not... More

Bangladesh’s Hercules syndrome and rule of vigilante law

A rapist was killed and his body was left with a note that said the death meted out to him was punishment for his crime. It was signed Hercules. A couple of other reports have appeared with such declarations and they have aroused considerable interest in media, particularly social media, the motherland of speculations. Who could be the possible vigilante killer? Long history Extra-judicial killings are nothing new and last... More

India key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, says former Portuguese...

“This has less to do with geography than with history,” Macaes writes in his insightful book Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order. “As two rising giants, China and India will play a disproportionate role in shaping the new world political and economic order, but like every claim on the future, their role remain ambiguous. In China's case, the question is whether it will eventually measure up to the task... More

BJP has communalised process of awarding Indian citizenship?

Political realities have temporarily halted the BJP’s brazen attempt to communalise Indian citizenship requirements to the advantage of the majority Hindus and to the detriment of the minority Muslims. Evidently, there is also a bias in favour of the north Indian majority and against the Tamil minority in the matter of giving citizenship. But this has not been brought to light in a major and sustained way yet, because the... More

Amid peace talks, India and Ghani flog the dead-horse of elections...

Last week, Moscow hosted delegations from the Taliban and Afghanistan’s political opposition in a bid to establish sound political contacts between the two actors. The delegation of the opposition parties included Afghanistan’s former president, Hamid Karzai, and at least two female members, including a human rights activist, Hawa Nooristani, and a former parliament member Fawzia Koofi. The meeting in itself underscored the new political dynamics that would probably be at... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More