Despite improvement, India still has most people without close access to clean...

While India ranks top among nations that have improved access to water, it also has the most people without clean water availability close to home, according to the 2018 Water Aid report released on 21 March. Nearly 163.1 million people... More

India won’t miss Tillerson

With the exit of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, a new chapter is set to begin in the Trump administration’s foreign policies. Certainly, this was not how president-elect Trump anticipated things to happen when he found... More

Assessing paradigm shift in Pak-Russia ties

The increasing defence co-operation between Pakistan and Russia imply that the arrangement is essentially a paradigm shift in the defence policy framework of both countries. Former army chief, General Raheel Sharif, visited Moscow in the year 2015. The... More

Indian strategy focusing on South Asian diplomacy likely to fail

India will focus on diplomacy with its neighbors this year, including Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, to hold its ground and status in South Asia, a strategy that Chinese observers said is likely to fail. India's diplomatic engagement will... More

After Doklam standoff, India to focus on Bhutan ties

India’s diplomatic engagement will place significant focus this year on Bhutan, including a planned visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the tiny Himalayan nation wedged between India and China. A series of events planned to mark the... More

China, India should build ties, resolve differences through mutual trust: Beijing

No mountain is high enough to stop China and India having a strong relationship, as long as both sides strive to build trust instead of fighting one another, China’s foreign minister said on Thursday. “Despite certain tests and... More

Indo-Pak strained relations and ways to improve ties

“Narendra Modi- led government should stop selling the idea of ‘quadrilateral’ project of the US, Japan, Australia and India and should join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” Sudheendra Kulkarni, Indian Official said in an opinion piece for... More

Burdened by communal tensions Lanka under State of Emergency

Criticism of the current United National Party (UNP) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) led government  of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena mount as the country was placed under a state of Emergency in... More

India’s Christians, Sikhs face discrimination, says Scottish lawmaker

The British government was asked to raise concerns on the treatment of Christian and Sikh minorities in India when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April. During a debate... More

Combating anti Muslim hate a key challenge for PM and Law and...

The latest challenge on the reconciliation front for Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who has taken on the additional Ministry portfolio of Law and Order is an anti-Muslim sentiment that is rearing its ugly head in the Eastern... More

Pakistan ready for one-on-one mediation with Taliban

Pakistan’s foreign minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday (March 1) extended support to Kabul's proposed political process seeking to recognise the Taliban as a legitimate political group, and said Pakistan is ready for one-on-one talks with the Afghan... More

China gains over India in Maldives, Lanka and Pak

The Maldives has extended the 15-day state of emergency imposed in that country on February 5 by another 30 days. It has done this in complete defiance of India's wish that the emergency should not be extended... More

Seven BD banks struggle to finance themselves with Tk 94bn capital deficits

Seven banks of Bangladesh are currently operating with capital deficits totalling over Tk 94 billion until September last year - a crisis that threatens to metastasise into a large-scale banking meltdown. The total amount of capital deficit in... More

Anti-Bangladesh and anti-Muslim mindset may increase

Imtiaz Ahmed, professor of international relations, Dhaka UniversityDhaka University’s professor of international relations, Imtiaz Ahmed, talks to Prothom Alo’s AKM Zakaria about the geo-politics of this region, Indo-China relations, Bangladesh’s stance in the competition between these two... More

PNB scam exposes rot in public sector banks but privatisation is no...

Every time a government bank reports a fraud in India, it fuels the chorus of those demanding privatisation of the sector. The demand for privatisation of pubic sector banks (PSBs) has been there for close to two... More

India’s abuse of trade remedies against Chinese products will end up entrapping...

The first two months of 2018 have turned out to be a peak period for India to pursue trade remedy actions against China, its top trading partner, as the South Asian nation continues moving in a backward... More

Pellet gun victims stage protest in Srinagar  

The Jammu and Kashmir Pellet Victims Association staged a protest at Srinagar's Press Enclave in India-held Kashmir on Tuesday (Feb 20). The group, a gathering of victims of pellet guns fired by Indian security forces in held Kashmir,... More

Cabinet reshuffle likely, SLFP members threaten to leave coalition

Under the watchful eye of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who awaits for a chance to consolidate his landslide local government February 10 polls, the coalition government of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe enters into... More

Lankan PM says won’t quit

Sri Lanka Saturday completes six days in political limbo after former President Mahinda Rajapaksa won a landslide victory in the February 10 local government elections. With President Maithripala Sirisena’s defeated SLFP members virtually falling at Rajapaksa’s feet, Sirisena’s... More

It’s vendetta in Dhaka, India must not meddle

The general election in Bangladesh is due in December this year and the leader of the main Opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, has been jailed for five years on corruption... More

What the conviction of Bangladesh’s main opposition leader Khaleda Zia means for...

On February 8, a court in Bangladesh sentenced the opposition leader Khaleda Zia to five years in prison. She was convicted of indulging in corruption when she was prime minister a decade ago. Zia heads the Bangladesh Nationalist... More


Trump’s melodrama vis-à-vis Pakistan meets ground realities

The Trump administration's renewed push to seek Pakistan's help in bringing the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table comes as a striking contrast to what the US president had only very recently said in one of his interviews about Pakistan not doing anything in Afghanistan to help the US win the war, or even get out of it. Coming from a president who is famous for his unpredictable habit of... More

Imran Khan needs better advisers

One of the central problems of Imran Khan’s government is the quality and commitment of his range of advisers, not only for day-to-day politics but for short and long-term decision-making processes. The PM has been more than once given the perception of taking off-the-cuff decisions through speeches and interviews. Even good advisers do not matter until there is a due process for diligence and analysis to not only sort... More

In Bangladesh, a poor politician is of no use to anyone

In Dhaka’s swirling political speculations and gossip, the latest is about who among the electoral candidates is wealthy and who is not. On paper, many have declared their wealth and almost none have been found credibility among the public. They know that to survive in politics you need to make and spend a lot of money which, going by wealth levels, would be impossible. Politics is not just about power... More

Hunt with the hound, swim with the crocodile

On the sidelines of the G20 conference in Argentina, there were two very important summits. One involved US President Donald Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was the first trilateral that brought Modi and Trump together. “The relationships between our three countries is extremely good, extremely strong. I think, with India, maybe stronger than ever. And with Japan, I think, stronger than ever,” Trump said, as... More

India’s dead-end Afghan policy

While India has been investing in Afghanistan for several years, the changing dynamics of the Afghan war indicate that this economic, political and diplomatic investment may not yield the desired results after all. First and foremost, India’s Afghan-policy has been driven by the imperative of having a strong presence on Pakistan’s western border, which India has been able to pursue—and aims to continue—with the help of Kabul. But the... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More


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