Amitabh Bachchan cancels visit to attend WHO meeting in Maldives

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has canceled a visit to the Maldives to speak at the annual session of the World Health Organisation’s regional committee for Southeast Asia. A senior manager at the Paradise Island Resort, which is hosting... More

Maldives: Petrol and diesel prices hike

State Trading Organization (STO) - largest supplier of petrol and diesel oil in Maldives - has added to their petrol prices by 30 Laari per liter while diesel prices added another 20 Laari per liter. With the new... More

Maldives: Ex-PPM MP stripped of seat

The Elections Commission has declared that MP Abdulla Ahmed has been stripped of his seat following his expulsion from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives. The electoral body informed parliament Tuesday that the MP for the Thinadhoo North... More

Maldives cease all trade ties with Myanmar

The Maldivian government has condemned the atrocities being committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and ceased all trade ties with the country. A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Sunday said that the Maldives is "deeply... More

Ex-president flags presence of Chinese warships in Male

Nasheed cautions India on Beijing’s growing role in Indian Ocean island including in strategic infrastructure projects The presence of three Chinese Naval warships in the Maldives is unprecedented and could indicate Beijing’s larger military presence in the... More

Gayoom calls on security forces to stop by-elections

Former Maldives President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has urged the security forces to stop the electoral body from holding parliamentary by-elections in six constituencies, a move he contended would be in defiance of an ambiguous Supreme Court decision. Speaking... More

Reeko: India will not interfere in Maldives’ civil affairs

The government of India will not interfere in the civil affairs of Maldives, says Deputy Speaker of People’s Majlis, Hulhu-Henveyru MP Reeko Moosa Manik. The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) parliamentarian, Reeko made the comment in an... More

Seats deemed as vacated – preparations underway for by-elections

Elections Commission has decided that four MPs have lost their seat at the parliament and decided to hold by-elections in their respective constituencies. The decision was announced in a press statement issued by the Elections Commission on Sunday... More

Gasim sentenced in absentia to three years, stripped of seat

Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim has been found guilty of attempted bribery and sentenced to three years, two months and 12 days in prison in a verdict delivered at 1:30 am on Friday. Judge Adam Arif delivered the... More

Maldivian man arrested over murder of Bangladeshi

A 33-year-old Maldivian man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering an expatriate on the island of Himmafushi in Kaafu atoll. The 38-year-old Bangladeshi man was found dead Saturday in the water bottling plant where he was employed.... More

Egg attacks in Maldives parliament chamber ensues violence

Chaos ensued shortly after lawmakers had thrown poultry eggs at the Majlis speaker's seat during Thursday's proceedings, resulting in violence erupting between both wings of politicians. Initially the attacker unknown - eggs were slammed into the room of... More

Speaker conducts chaotic Majlis sitting under heavy military guard

Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed presided over Wednesday’s sitting of parliament under heavy military guard amid clashes between opposition and pro-government lawmakers. Walled off from protesting MPs by soldiers in plainclothes, Maseeh adjourned the sitting after calling a vote... More

Majlis resumes with soldiers surrounding speaker

The Maldives People’s Majlis resumed after a three-week hiatus Tuesday morning with soldiers surrounding embattled Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed as opposition lawmakers called for his resignation. Speaking over the clamour of protesting MPs, Maseeh adjourned the sitting after... More

Maldives Chief Justice refuses to meet opposition

Chief justice Abdulla Saeed on Sunday refused to meet the opposition despite a top opposition delegation waiting for an audience for over two hours inside the Supreme Court. The united opposition spokesperson and lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof told reporters... More

12 MPs charged with obstruction

12 Maldives parliamentarians have been charged by the State with obstruction of law enforcement. The 12 MPs are suspected of breaking through police barricades and entering the People’s Majlis premises on July 24, while it was locked. The 12... More

Court releases MP Waheed and JP secretary-general

The Maldives  criminal court released MP Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim and Jumhooree Party Secretary-General Ahmed Sameer from police custody at remand hearings Thursday afternoon. Sameer was arrested Wednesday night from the opposition’s nightly protests in Malé against the prosecution, disqualification... More

Maldives: Central bank governor steps down

Dr Azeema Adam has stepped down as governor of the Maldives central bank to relocate to New York with her husband, who recently took up the posts of permanent representative to the United Nations and ambassador to... More

The cash that entered my house was not halal: Yameen

President Abdulla Yameen has stirred controversy with an apparent admission of personally benefiting from a historic corruption scandal blamed on his jailed former right-hand man. Speaking at the opening of a ruling party meeting hall Monday night, Yameen... More

Maldives: Dozen opposition MPs face charges for entering parliament building

The police are seeking charges against 12 opposition MPs alleged to have scaled security barricades to enter the People’s Majlis building last month. Cases against the lawmakers have been sent to the Prosecutor General’s office, which will decide... More

Maldives: PPM rallies support for government

The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives staged rallies across the country Saturday in a show of support for the administration of embattled President Abdulla Yameen. Hundreds came out for marches and vehicles rallies, dubbed ‘The People Are With... More

The Maldives: Political turmoil threatens the ‘island paradise’

At the end of last month the Maldives celebrated its birthday, 52 years since independence from Britain. But the festivities were marred when the government ordered troops to storm the country's parliament and prevent opposition MPs from entering. It... More


Hybrid warfare: Strategic coercion against Pakistan

While a globalised world was a cherished goal to bring people together, globalisation is increasingly used by one or the other country or group of countries to dominate the rest of the world by a violent process. Looking around we see wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen where the powers that be are trying to bend the power game towards themselves. Conventional wars are now more often not... More

Bangladesh’s Hercules syndrome and rule of vigilante law

A rapist was killed and his body was left with a note that said the death meted out to him was punishment for his crime. It was signed Hercules. A couple of other reports have appeared with such declarations and they have aroused considerable interest in media, particularly social media, the motherland of speculations. Who could be the possible vigilante killer? Long history Extra-judicial killings are nothing new and last... More

India key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, says former Portuguese...

“This has less to do with geography than with history,” Macaes writes in his insightful book Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order. “As two rising giants, China and India will play a disproportionate role in shaping the new world political and economic order, but like every claim on the future, their role remain ambiguous. In China's case, the question is whether it will eventually measure up to the task... More

BJP has communalised process of awarding Indian citizenship?

Political realities have temporarily halted the BJP’s brazen attempt to communalise Indian citizenship requirements to the advantage of the majority Hindus and to the detriment of the minority Muslims. Evidently, there is also a bias in favour of the north Indian majority and against the Tamil minority in the matter of giving citizenship. But this has not been brought to light in a major and sustained way yet, because the... More

Amid peace talks, India and Ghani flog the dead-horse of elections...

Last week, Moscow hosted delegations from the Taliban and Afghanistan’s political opposition in a bid to establish sound political contacts between the two actors. The delegation of the opposition parties included Afghanistan’s former president, Hamid Karzai, and at least two female members, including a human rights activist, Hawa Nooristani, and a former parliament member Fawzia Koofi. The meeting in itself underscored the new political dynamics that would probably be at... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More