Maldivian Coast Guard vessel visits Sri Lanka

Maldivian Coast Guard ship “Huravee” arrived at the port of Colombo on a goodwill visit today (7th July). The ship was warmly welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in accordance with naval traditions, on her arrival. Subsequently, the... More

Maldives ruling party MP brands opposition voters as ‘enemies of the state’

A ruling party lawmaker on Friday branded Maldivians who refuse to vote for President Abdulla Yameen in September as “enemies” of the people and the Maldivian state. MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla, deputy leader of the Progressive Party of... More

Maldives snubs India again; inks power sector deal with Pakistan

Pakistan and the Maldives have signed a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU to support the island nation's infrastructure development in the power sector. The move is seen as another snub to India after it recently scrapped a... More

Cracks in the Maldivian opposition unity

Much was expected of the positive steps taken in late June to unify the Maldivian opposition for ousting the entrenched President Abdulla Yameen in the September 23 Presidential election. The withdrawal of former President Mohamed Nasheed from the... More

Maldives remains evasive on deployment of India’s Dornier

The Maldives remains evasive on the issue of proposed Letter of Exchange (LoE) essential for deployment of India's Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft in the archipelago. This had led to a protracted stand-off between the two countries over... More

India to take helicopters back from Maldives in 10 days

India would withdraw its helicopters gifted to the Maldives in the next 10 days, according to India media reports. Maldives had returned one of the choppers in May and had asked India to remove the second by the... More

Restore political process before holding presidential election, India asks Maldives

India expressed concern over announcement of elections in the Maldives without allowing democratic institutions, including Parliament and the judiciary, to work in a free and transparent manner. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said India wants "credible restoration"... More

Maldives in talks with Chinese airlines to launch direct flights

The government of Maldives is in talks with Chinese aviation companies to launch direct flights to the Maldives, Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer said Tuesday. He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the ‘Forum for Cooperation on Tourism... More

Maldives pres admits efforts to counter ‘opposition led’ int’l pressure

Maldives' embattled president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Monday admitted that his government has been forced to increase efforts to counter opposition led international pressure on the archipelago. Speaking during a ceremony to inaugurate a new harbour in... More

Indian helicopters still in Maldives, breach June 30 deadline

India is yet to take back the helicopters it had given to Maldives, despite the Maldives giving a deadline of June 30 for the same. The two Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters were said to be a gift from... More

Maldives opposition selects veteran Ibrahim Solih for Sept presidential poll

Maldives opposition Democratic Party on Saturday nominated veteran lawmaker Ibrahim “Ibu” Mohamed Solih as its presidential candidate a day after former president Mohamed Nasheed withdrew as the party’s candidate for the September elections. Solih will contest the poll... More

ADB approves US$33 mn grant for Maldives waste project

A US$33 million grant for a solid waste management project in the Maldives was Friday approved by the Asian Development Bank. Littering and trash is a particular issue in the capital Malé, which is home to around 40... More

EU reminds Maldives of sanctions warning

The European Union (EU) has reminded Maldives with the conclusions of the EU council which also refers to possible targeted measures over the continuing deterioration of democracy in the archipelago. The island nation has been embroiled in fresh... More

7 countries invited to observe Maldives presidential election

Seven countries have been invited to observe the Maldives Presidential Election, scheduled to be held on Sept. 23, local media reported Tuesday. The Maldives Elections Commission said it had sent invitations to two European countries, two South Asian... More

Parliament Tuesday session concludes in six minutes!

Maldives parliament that resumed on Monday after months long hiatus concluded well under six minutes. Monday's sitting for parliamentarians had amendments to various bills related to local elections tabled for hearing. The default on three separate bills were on... More

India’s standoff with Maldives hits Indian Ocean ambitions

India’s efforts to firm up strategic, political and military ties with Indian Ocean region states to counter China’s growing naval presence in the area have hit a number of roadblocks. It is locked in a standoff with the... More

Maldives govt denies China military base claim

Maldives government on Sunday moved quickly to deny China was grabbing land in Maldives that can be turned into military bases. Former Maldives foreign minister Ahmed Naseem in an interview with India's 'The Tribune' had claimed that China... More

India cut down restriction-free food exports to Maldives amid tension in ties

At a time when diplomatic tussle between India and Maldives has been making news, New Delhi has slashed the amount of restriction-free exports of essential commodities permitted to the island nation every year. According to a recent notification,... More

Exports of commodities from India to Maldives slopes

It has been revealed that there has been a sweeping drop in the quantity of exports of essential commodities from India to Maldives. India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry Department of Commerce had published a notification titled “Supply... More

India is losing the plot in the Maldives, New Delhi’s self-goals &...

Having small neighbours can be bothersome. Just ask India. It is frequently challenged by them, and it almost always flunks the test. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and now the Maldives. India’s strategic self-goals in the region have... More

India, Maldives talks to end logjam

A high-level meeting of defence officials later this month will seek to end the logjam in the India-Maldives relations over strategic issues, sources have confirmed. According to the sources, one possible solution to the problem caused by the... More


No more PSLs abroad

“The pulsating cheering crowd in the National Stadium Karachi for the PSL Final, and subsequently for the three international T20s, underscored the return of peace to a city (and country) torn by internal strife. Bereft of any sports spectacle and living in cold fear for life and limb of their (and their families) because of open-ended threats from terrorists, political, religious and the criminal kind, the people of Karachi... More

Only non-interference will mitigate anti-India feelings in Nepal

New Delhi has been receiving shock after shock in the past few days from Nepal, a country which is the closest to India in religious and culture terms, and which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited four times since he came to power four years ago. The simplistic theory of the votaries of Hindutva that Hinduism alone is enough to keep Nepal in the Indian sphere of influence has... More

Does international pressure matter anymore?

There was once a time when international pressure on domestic issues of the less developed countries mattered. People would look at the West as the great savior particularly in countries where human rights was at bay. During the cold war days, this was strong too and many decisions were taken on the basis of what global public opinion would say. However, in recent years this has mattered less and... More

Pompeo claims to “reset” ties with Pakistan but makes India “strategic...

Just few days before the arrival of the US Secretary of the State, Mike Pompeo, in Pakistan, the US officially cancelled US$300 million aid to Pakistan, signaling the acute low health of Pak-US ties. Then came Mike Pompeo, who stayed in Pakistan for a few hours, and went to India, claiming to have “reset” ties with Pakistan, implying as if deconstructing an old building (the military aid) was necessary... More

UN report accuses Myanmar’s military of genocide

The UN’s independent human rights investigators have issued the toughest verdict yet on the crisis in Myanmar’s war-torn western region of Rakhine State. The investigators’ report does not mince words and is going to have major ramifications, both within the country, and within the international community. In their report, they called on the UN Security Council to refer the Myanmar situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) or for an... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More