Buddhist violence portends new threat to Myanmar

A sharp escalation in fighting between a heavily armed Buddhist militia and Myanmar’s military heralds a new threat to the conflict-ridden nation, just as it is seeing tentative progress in quelling other long-running ethnic and religious violence. The... More

Nine security personnel killed in AA attacks on border outposts: Myanmar army

At least nine security personnel including a police major were killed by the Arakan Army (AA) in a series of coordinated attacks on four border outposts in northern Rakhine State’s restive Buthidaung Township early Friday morning. Brigadier General... More

Myanmar military warns media outlets about reports on security, armed conflicts

Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) has threatened legal action against media organisations that report unverified stories involving security issues and armed conflicts. The Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces alleged that some news organisations have reported unverified stories about armed... More

Rebels breach Myanmar ceasefire in army attack

Myanmar’s army accused rebels on Friday of attacking and killing "some" of its soldiers, the first skirmish acknowledged by the military in the wake of a rare ceasefire with ethnic armed groups. The military announced last week it... More

Myanmar’s rebel alliance demands ceasefire covers Rakhine State

If the Myanmar Army do not stop fighting in Rakhine State, the Northern Alliance also will refuse to adhere to the ceasefire conditions in northern and northeastern Myanmar’s conflict zones, according to a statement released by the... More

Trouble ahead, trouble behind for Myanmar

There was no shortage of bad news from Myanmar in 2018 and few foresee cause for new hope in the year ahead. The Rohingya refugee crisis, the possibility that Myanmar’s military leaders may be held to account on... More

De-mining mission along China-Myanmar border kicks off

The Southern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army on Thursday launched an emergency landmine-sweeping mission along the border of China and Myanmar, in the city of Mangshi in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The region where the mission... More

Why the Myanmar military has declared a unilateral ceasefire

In a surprise move on Friday, the Myanmar military declared a unilateral four-month ceasefire, its first ever. This after it failed to heed an order from then-President Thein Sein to stop its offensive against the Kachin Independence... More

EU Slaps Sanctions on 7 Myanmar Army, Border Officials

The European Union is slapping asset freezes and travel bans on seven more people accused of human rights violations against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. EU headquarters said Friday that the seven army and border police officials are... More

Myanmar Army Announces Unilateral Ceasefire Against Ethnic Rebels

The Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw) announced a unilateral ceasefire on Friday in five regional commands (North, Northeast, East, Middle East and Triangle) to facilitate negotiations with rebel groups fighting in different parts of the country. In the first major... More

Over 700 people flee homes as Tatmadaw, AA clash in Northern Rakhine

More than 700 villagers have been displaced by clashes between the Myanmar Army (or Tatmadaw) and the Arakan Army (AA) in northern Rakhine State. The entire population of Pyinnagyi village fled after the two sides clashed near the... More

Rohingya issue slows investor interest in Myanmar

While Myanmar’s tiny stock exchange formally reopened to foreign investors as a new companies law went into effect several months ago, they continue to keep their distance amid slowing growth and More

Economic corridor with China key to Myanmar’s peace process

Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi was appointed the chairwoman of a panel to oversee Belt and Road initiative (BRI) projects on December 7. The steering committee with Vice President U Myint Swe, ministers, and regional... More

Facebook takes down more Myanmar accounts over military links

Facebook Inc (FB.O) has removed hundreds of additional accounts, pages and groups in Myanmar from its social networks after discovering what it called “coordinated inauthentic behavior” and links to the country’s military. The social media giant had previously... More

Russia, China may veto British move in UN on Rohingya return

Russia and China, two permanent members of the UN Security Council, are boycotting talks on a British resolution to address the Rohingya refugee crisis – and may veto any move that would force Myanmar to take affirmative... More

Myanmar’s military in the headlines with 71st Air Force anniversary

On December 15, Myanmar’s Air Force commemorated its 71st anniversary. While the development was just the latest in a series of routine anniversaries held in the country, it nonetheless put the spotlight on developments within the service... More

China, Myanmar hold diplomacy, defense consultation

China and Myanmar on Tuesday held their fourth round of diplomacy and defense consultations in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, exchanging views on the situation in northern Myanmar. The two sides agreed that the situation in... More

Myanmar Army’s willingness to sit down with FPNCC members shows China’s growing...

China has stepped up its role in the peace process in Myanmar, especially as it relates to conflicts along the China-Myanmar border in northern Shan State. Beijing understands that stability and peace on the border will benefit... More


The UN Security Council is considering action to push Myanmar to work with the United Nations to address the Rohingya refugee crisis, although China and Russia have so far boycotted talks on a British-drafted resolution, diplomats said... More

Three soldiers killed in RPG attack in northern Rakhine State

Three army soldiers were killed and more than 10 wounded in a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack by an unknown armed group in strife-torn northern Rakhine’s Rathedaung Township on Sunday morning. A police officer from Buthidaung Township confirmed  to... More

Myanmar Air Force officially inducts new JF-17 fighter jets

Myanmar Air Force has inaugurated a total of seven new aircrafts and helicopters into the force to mark the 71st anniversary of the founding of the Air Force, according to a release of the Office of the... More


By reaching out to Taliban, Iran makes presence felt in Afghanistan...

The very nature of the conflict in Afghanistan has made it almost impossible for the neighbouring countries to remain aloof from it or maintain some distance, even a calculated one. For one thing, the conflict is no longer just between the US and Taliban or the US and al-Qaeda. The ISIS, known as IS-K in Afghanistan, has established its presence, which has forced many countries—Russia, China and Iran—to change... More

The sorry state of Pakistan’s police

The imperial form of police infrastructure that Pakistan inherited was deliberately created to serve the British rulers rather than promote harmony, security and adherence to the law. The 1861 Police Act has never changed except for minor amendments. Even the new laws introduced by the provinces retain more or less the essence of the original imperial law. The persisting culture is to ensure that the weak remain subservient to... More

Bangladesh’s position on global terrorism index has improved: Australian agency CPES

An Australian outfit, Centre for Peace and Economic Studies (CPES), has stated that Bangladesh has gone up four positions in the global terrorism index, according to it’s ranking. Several other countries in South Asia have gone down in terms of vulnerability, including Pakistan and India. Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka have also improved their standings in this index. CPES has reported that introduction of modern education in madrassas, investment in... More

How the Taliban have become leading actor in Afghan peace talks

While the Taliban have established their domination both politically and militarily in almost half of Afghanistan, the consequent talks with the US and the way they have progressed show that they are already in a commanding position. They certainly have become the leading actor in these talks not just because they are the ones fighting the war against the US and Afghan forces, but also because they are directing... More

Exploiting Pakistan’s ‘Gold Coast’

The emerging markets of Central Asia require that a sea-land (south-south) dimension to support the north-south axis be added for expansion, otherwise all facilities and opportunities are likely to be clogged because of unplanned urban population expansion. The long coastline with stretches of virgin beaches and adjacent vast empty hinterland require well-planned commercial exploitation. It is personally satisfying that recommendations made in my articles of nearly three decades ago,... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More