Pakistan Navy to buy 4 Ada class corvette from Turkey

Pakistan’s ministry of defence production has contracted Turkey for purchase of four corvette ships, Pakistan Navy said in a statement on Thursday. “The first and second ship will be built at Istanbul Naval Shipyard while... More

Fee-free university to open in Pakistan next month

The world's first fee-free university will be operational next month in Pakistan with 600 students enrolled for three different master degrees. Dr Mohammed Amjad Saqib, executive director of Akhuwat, a micro-finance firm offering interest-free loans... More

China, Pakistan conduct joint border patrol in Xinjiang

Chinese and Pakistani frontier defence forces conduct joint patrol at a mountainous region in Khunjerab in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region last week. They were respectively assigned to a frontier defence company in Khunjerab... More

Pakistan’s non-Muslim voters rise by 30%, Hindus maintain majority

The number of non-Muslim voters in Pakistan has gone up by 30 per cent to reach 3.63 million, with the Hindus at 1.77 million maintaining their majority among the religious minority electorate, authorities said... More

Pakistan remains official football provider to FIFA World Cup 2018

Pakistan 2, India 0; China 1, India 0 That’s what the scorecard would look like if the performance of sporting goods manufacturing clusters of India, Pakistan and China were considered at this year’s FIFA... More

Pakistan Navy ship visits Jordan to strengthen defence ties

Pakistan Navy Ship ASLAT visited Aqaba, Jordan as part of overseas deployment to Mediterranean & European countries. PNS ASLAT Port Call to Aqaba was aimed to strengthen friendly ties and defence cooperation between Islamic Republic... More

Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter: China’s weird MiG-21 and F-16 hybrid

China’s JF-17 “Thunder” multirole fighter is one of China’s most successful aerospace exports. While it was designed from the outset to be an export fighter, its road to service was very rocky, involving decades... More

China lends $1 billion to Pakistan to boost plummeting FX reserves

China has lent Pakistan $1 billion to boost the South Asian country’s plummeting foreign currency reserves, two sources in Pakistan’s finance ministry told Reuters, amid growing speculation of another International Monetary Fund bailout. The latest... More

Pakistan’s economy set to face tougher challenges in FY19

Pakistan’s economy received multiple jolts during fiscal year 2018 and almost all economic indicators worsened. However, the issue is that the worst time has yet to come. The economy is faced with new and bigger... More

‘Prosperous Pakistan’ bus campaign launched in London

A private investment group has launched ‘Prosperous Pakistan” campaign on London’s iconic red double-decker buses to project country’s position as an important and emerging player in the world economy. The CPIC, a privately held investment... More

‘Prosperous Pakistan’ bus campaign launched in London

A private investment group has launched ‘Prosperous Pakistan” campaign on London’s iconic red double-decker buses to project country’s position as an important and emerging player in the world economy. The CPIC, a privately held investment... More

At UN Pakistan decries selective observance of int’l obligations to protect civilians

Pakistan has voiced its strong disapproval in the UN General Assembly of double standards in implementing the international obligations to protect civilians and prevent crimes against humanity. "Selectivity", has meant that egregious crimes, including killings... More

FATF’s unwelcome action

IT is no secret that Pakistan was on its way to the Financial Action Task Force’s so-called grey list, but now, after its inclusion, a number of observations must be noted. First, it should be a... More

Pakistan, Afghanistan to carry out coordinated anti-polio campaigns

With only three cases reported in the country thus far in 2018 and all of them concentrated in a particular region, health authorities in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be carrying out coordinated anti-polio campaigns... More

China’s Deputy Commander Liu Xiaowu plans to visit Pakistan, India

Major General Liu Xiaowu, China’s Deputy Commander of the Western military region plans to visit Pakistan and India soon, according to sources of the Chinese defence ministry said on Thursday. His main purpose of visit... More

Pakistan among 6 countries to take part in Int’l Army Games in...

Military servicemen from Algeria, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan and the Philippines will take part in this year’s International Army Games for the first time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in a distance conference... More

China wants to expand FTA with Pakistan

China wants to expand and promote Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Pakistan, Chinese Deputy Head of Mission Lijian Zhao said on Wednesday. Addressing at the Regional Conference on 'Connectivity and Geo-Economics in South Asia' here,... More

Pakistan’s NSA Nasser Janjua resigns

National Security Adviser retired Lt Gen Nasser Janjua resigned from the post on Wednesday, allegedly due to differences with the interim government. Janjua's resignation was accepted by Caretaker Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk, according to a... More

Who are the caretakers taking care of?

The term ‘caretaker’ has been a double entendre in our political lexicon. Whose ‘care’ are they supposed to take — democracy’s or the establishment’s? When the system was first introduced, it was not, for sure,... More

UN report opportunity for India, Pakistan to reboot Kashmir policy

A fortnight ago, the United Nations released its first ever report detailing human rights violations in Kashmir, across the Line of Control (LoC), highlighting a situation of chronic impunity for violations committed by security... More

‘Pakistan will be destroyed if it depends on India’

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday said Pakistan will be destroyed if it depends on India. Speaking about the current water crisis, the PML-N president while addressing the Youth Business Forum in... More


Is Modi making up for India’s shortage of diplomats?

Narendra Modi is India's most travelled Prime Minister. The opposition Congress recently wanted his name on the Guinness Book of World Records for the most travelled Prime Minister, mockingly writing," We are overwhelmed and”extremely happy to suggest the name of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has set the... More

India faces tough choices as the US sanctions Iran

For the Indian policy makers, one of the crucial questions today is of how to walk a balancing act between the US, their prime strategic ally, and Iran, their traditional regional ally and, of course, third biggest supplier of oil.  The question has become even more significant ever since... More

Writing on the Wall

Even a cursory analysis of the three Nawaz Sharif sackings as PM reveals one constant sordid fact, his incurring penchant to listen to a bunch of “unelectable advisors” who constantly feed his already inflated ego about his supposed omni-potency. The 1993 sacking did him wonders, turning an Establishment “puppet... More

Something is broken in Bangladesh: Will it heal?

There is something scared about the relationship between a University, its teachers and students. It is built on trust, obligation, mutual affection and much more. Its as if the teacher is the parent, the campus is the home. A relationship is inherently therefore written into this unwritten contract. It was... More

Myanmar minister’s mission impossible

Myanmar’s new finance minister, Soe Win is determined to revitalize the government’s economic policies and ensure their effective implementation, according to government insiders. Although he has only been in his post for less than two months, there are significant signs that with him at the helm, the government’s commitment... More


India’s social-media ‘lynch mobs’ pose growing threat

Social-media platforms are often criticized for their susceptibility to toxic dialogue and vicious attacks. It is a problem that India knows well. Just ask External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, whose recent vilification by members and supporters of her own ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a case in point. Swaraj... More

The new trade order

Since the start of the year, U.S. President Donald Trump has lashed out at allies and adversaries alike on trade. Often, as with India, the U.S. has pushed for enhanced security cooperation at the same time it declared trade relations a national security threat. The belligerence has left many... More

One day does not an election make

The much-awaited Gazipur city election is over, the “we-knew-it-from-before” polls results are upon us, the “impartiality” of the police and the “neutrality” of the civil administration have once again been demonstrated, the never-too-late-to-follow “certificate” of the Election Commission has been delivered and, of course, our democracy now stands “strengthened”. As... More

The PDP-BJP coalition was an unnatural and opportunistic alliance

The BJP pulled out of the coalition government and the other partner, the PDP, had no choice but to resign. The BJP pulled out of the coalition government and the other partner, the PDP, had no choice but to resign. Only a few weeks ago I had poured out my... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate Gorkhaland. I told them in no way should they support this demand. This has multifarious geo-political risks. If a Gorkhaland state is... More