Indo-Afghan trade: Castles in the air?

Two months after the India-Afghanistan air corridor was inaugurated with great expectations, news that it has been hit by a shortage of cargo planes is a cause for concern. Prime Minister... More

Sharad Yadav says two JDUs, one sarkari, other of workers

At a time when speculation is rife over a possible split in JD(U) over Bihar CM and party chief Nitish Kumar’s decision to break ranks with the Grand Alliance and join hands... More

Is a second Sino-Indian border war imminent?

The Sino-Indian standoff in the Doklam (Donglang in Chinese) region of the Himalayas where the borders of China, India and Bhutan converge is now nearly two months old. The dispute arose in mid-June when... More

Darjeeling on the brink of ethnic violence?

The Indian government is holding the Tiranga Yatra from 9-15 August, commemorating 75th anniversary of the anti-British ‘leave India’ movement. But in the hills of Darjeeling this year, the Gorkha Jamamukti... More

Asserting your nationalism day in, day out is unnecessary: Hamid Ansari

In conversation with Karan Thapar on his last day as vice president, Hamid Ansari talked about growing intolerance, aggressive nationalism, the government’s political inaction on Kashmir and more. In a free-wheeling conversation... More

India must stop trampling on Bhutan’s sovereignty

The Sino-Indian border row over Doklam has turned the usually calm Himalayan region into a new battlefront between the two powers. However, the role of Bhutan, the third important player in... More

New Delhi should come to its senses while it has time

As the standoff in Donglang between Chinese and Indian border troops enters its seventh week, the window for a peaceful solution is closing. The countdown to a clash between the two forces... More

Indian military’s 7 ‘sins’ in trespassing into Chinese territory

Nearly two months have passed since Indian troops illegally crossed the China-India boundary in Sikkim Sector, and there is no sign of withdrawal so far. According to Xinhua, what the Indian side... More

Huge protest rally disrupts traffic in India’s financial capital of Mumbai

At least half a million protesters brought Mumbai, India's financial capital, to a standstill on Wednesday (Aug 9) as they pressed their demands for reserved quotas in government jobs and college... More

A seminar on China’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative cancelled in...

An international event organized by the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata on China’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative, has been cancelled. But no official communication was circulated on the cancellation. On... More

Thousands march for science across India

Thousands of scientists and their supporters have marched across India to promote their work and demand that the government invest more in the field. Inspired by the global March for Science earlier this year,... More

Doklam’s unintended consequence

Whatever the eventual outcome in Doklam, the current stand-off is bound to significantly alter Indian perceptions of China. For one, the political goodwill in India towards China that was constructed over... More

310 Indian army personnel committed suicide since 2014

A total of 310 army personnel have committed suicide since 2014 while 11 cases of fratricide were reported during the period, the government told Rajya Sabha today. Nine officers and 19 junior... More

To end Doklam stand-off, China hints at some ‘action’

In an interaction with visiting Indian media delegation, Chinese diplomat says mutual pullout of forces from the area, as proposed by India, is not an option. China on Tuesday did not seem... More

Babri Masjid case: Mosque can be built at a distance from...

The Shia Waqf Board informed the Supreme Court on Tuesday that a mosque can be built in a Muslim-dominated area, at a reasonable distance from the disputed site in Ayodhya. “Answering respondent... More

Amit shah, Smriti Irani, Ahmed Patel win Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls

In a dramatic turn of events Tuesday in the high stakes Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat, the Election Commission of India (ECI) invoked Article 324 of the Constitution to revoke the... More

Diplomacy to defuse Indo-China border crisis slams into a wall

India's diplomatic efforts to end a seven-week military standoff with China have hit a roadblock, people briefed on the talks said, prompting Chinese state-run media to trumpet rhetoric of "unavoidable countermeasures"... More

Heightened security hits Nepal-India trade

Indian border security personnel have put a damper on Nepal’s cross-border trade with India once again, as they have started conducting thorough checks of cargo vehicles entering India via the border... More

Open Defecation: India worst in 8 South Asian nations in 2015

With 40% Indians defecating in the open in 2015, India was ranked 210 among the 232 countries/regions, according to the 2017 report of the joint monitoring programme for water supply, sanitation and hygiene... More

Darjeeling situation tense on 53rd day of GJM shutdown

The situation in Darjeeling remained tense on Sunday, though no incident of violence was reported since last night. The police and security personnel kept a strict watch on the situation on the... More

India’s V. Naidu elected VP in another boost for Modi

India's ruling party candidate M. Venkaiah Naidu was elected vice president in a parliamentary vote on Saturday (Aug 5), enabling the party to boost its political standing in his southern home... More


Another hornet’s nest stirred

The Modi government has developed a reputation to stir a hornet’s nest where one can be and should be avoided. With less than a month to go for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Myanmar visit, one of his controversy-prone ministers has... More

Accountability across the board

Sharif’s utter contempt of the Supreme Court’s (SC) recent ruling, and by default the rule of law, was exposed blatantly for public viewing during his YATRA along the GT Road. This confirmed that the 1998 PML(N) mob attack on... More

Myanmar’s military launches counter insurgency operation against Muslim...

The Myanmar military has air-dropped hundreds of troops into the country's strife-torn western Rakhine state in preparation for a surgical operation intended to route out accused Muslim rebels and insurgents, according to military sources. The deployment of the 33rd... More

Kashmir: Produced by 1947, sustained by Indo-Pakistan thereafter

As Pakistan celebrated August 1947 and India celebrates and mourn both, Kashmir bled in a war called by many names since 1947. To India, Kashmir is split into two with Pakistan occupying one half and to Pakistan the story... More

Sri Lankan government’s multifarious dilemmas

Two years into its five-year term, Sri Lanka’s coalition government led by President Maithipala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is afflicted by chronic disunity; contradictions in domestic and foreign policies; and a marked inability to fulfill election promises. Given... More


Spiral into chaos  

Historically speaking, Balochistan in general and the Baloch community in particular are secular. Even in traditional Baloch society, the mullah is not a revered figure. Instead, he... More

Standoff with China prompts revamp of India’s regional policies

The denouement of the dangerous India-China military standoff in Doklam near the Sikkim border is hard to predict. But on the diplomatic and geopolitical plane, one definite... More

Squeezed by an India-China Standoff, Bhutan Holds Its Breath

India’s main garrison in the Kingdom of Bhutan sits only 13 miles from a disputed border with China. There is a training academy, a military hospital, a... More

India’s CEA declines Bhutan’s requests on CBTE

The Bhutanese government around two months ago, through diplomatic channels, sent a letter to the Indian government over Bhutan’s various concerns over the Cross Border Trade in... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More

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