Across the aisle: No jobs, no credit growth, no private...

Between the gathering storm on the India-Pakistan border and the massive disruption to the economy, Saturday, November 26, passed almost unnoticed. The day marked the exact mid-point of the tenure of... More

Indian cinemas must play national anthem

India's Supreme Court yesterday made it mandatory for all cinemas across the country to play the national anthem before any movie screening and also directed that people should show honor and... More

7 Soldiers Killed In Terror Attack On Army Base Near...

Seven soldiers, including two officers, were killed in a huge terror attack on Tuesday at an army base near Jammu in the town of Nagrota, just 20 kilometres from the border... More

50pc Indians disapprove of Modi’s Pakistan policies, Pew survey finds

A Pew survey published recently on Indian attitudes shows that nearly half of respondents across the border do not approve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies concerning Pakistan. The survey aims... More

In battle of attrition, Army losing many of its men

With the latest incident, 89 personnel, including several officers, have been ‘killed in action’ in Jammu and Kashmir this year. The dramatic increase in number of casualties among security force personnel in... More

Indian Defense Minister Visiting Dhaka To Impede China Influence?

India’s defense minister and one of Narendra Modi’s most reliable person Manohar Parrikar is set for a two-day visit to Dhaka on Wednesday. During the visit, he will meet with the... More

PM Modi Was Among 22 Targets Of Arrested ...

  Three people arrested Monday in Madurai in Tamil Nadu were planning to attack 22 top political leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The arrests were made by the National Investigation Agency, the... More

Khalistan Leader Harminder Singh Mintoo Arrested After Fleeing From Nabha...

Chief of the Khalistan Liberation Force chief Harminder Singh Mintoo, who escaped from Nabha Central Jail in Patiala on Sunday, was arrested in Delhi on Monday, ANI reported. He was caught... More

More bad news for Modi

Economists across the globe have brought more bad news for Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, at a time when all political parties in the opposition benches stand unitedly against... More

Is India Serious About Water-War? 

India's prime minister Narendra Modi once again strongly hinted about a water-war against Pakistan. By obstructing the water flow of common rivers, will he retract from the 1960 Indus Waters treaty brokered by the World Bank between two countries? Or... More

India rupee ban: Ex-PM Manmohan Singh rubbishes Modi crackdown

Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rubbished the government's move to ban two major currency notes, calling it "monumental mismanagement". Mr Singh, the architect of economic reforms in the 1990s, said... More

What’s India going to do with 23b worthless banknotes?

When the rest of the world rings in the New Year, India's central bank will be grappling with a unique situation: how to deal with more than 23 billion worthless banknotes. Stacked... More

Opposition Unites To Pay Modi In Same Coin

Battle-lines have been drawn. The future is clear. Demonetisation has created a new fault line between the treasury benches and the opposition. There has never been any empathetic moment between thetwo,... More

Attacks on LoC, 11 Civilians, 3 Pak and 7 Indian...

Eleven civilians were killed and seven more injured when Indian forces targeted an ambulance and a passenger bus near the Dhudnial town in Neelum Valley along the Line of Control (LoC)... More

India meets China in finance

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the $100 billion China-led multilateral lender, set up in December 2015 with the membership of 57 countries is the second major Asian initiative after the... More

Indian by-elections: ruling parties retain with Modi relieved, Mamata  rejoicing...

With uproar running high over wiping out of 86 percent Indian money, parliamentary and assembly by-election results are out for several important states. Ruling party candidates of those states won these... More

India overtakes Pakistan in defense-spending battle

In the race for acquiring influence over the two neighbors- Pakistan and China, India, the biggest country in South Asia, continues to increase its stock of military hardware in the land... More

Demonetising notes or demonising cash?

I am obliged to return to the subject of ‘Old Notes for New’ because the hardship and suffering of the people continue. It is now clear that the decision to demonetise... More

Trump met 3 Indian real estate developers: Conflict Of Interest?

US President-elect Donald Trump's meeting with Indian businessmen has fed a controversy in the US over conflict of interest after the billionaire's election and raised concerns over whether he can separate... More

India’s NSG entry seems remote

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar led a huge diplomatic effort round the year to enroll  Delhi in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG). They met... More

Race to occupy sky: China overpowers India

Question is raised on the India’s capability in the race, in the twenty-first century, among big powers for speeding influence in the sky. The question is taken forward by the country’s... More


Will the US’ ‘Carrot & Stick’ policy to...

If we were to describe the nature of Pak-US relations in one phrase, uncertainty and trust deficit would undoubtedly feature in it. Clouds of uncertainty have become even more obvious ever since the beginning of Trump era. Amid the... More

The Al Capone Formula?

This week the Panama case entered its last, and possibly decisive round.  On May 16, 2016, the PM had unequivocally stated in the National Assembly (NA) that a complete record of all his sources of income and assets was... More

Myanmar marks Martyrs’ Day amid growing tensions between...

What a difference a year makes. Last year, the anniversary of martyrs’ day marked an amazing rapprochement between Myanmar’s military leader, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and Aung San Suu Kyi – effectively the country’s civilian leader. This year –... More

Thank you Humayun Ahmed ….

Thank you Humayun Ahmed, for giving shape to the hopes, aspirations and imageries of the slightly bemused slightly innocent, slightly out of place middle class that no one spoke for with such authenticity. You spoke not just for one but... More

Brig Jafar Khan: A Soldier and a Gentleman

The words of one of late Brig Jafar Khan’s closest friends Brig (Retd) Asmat Beg Humayun best describes one of Pakistan Army’s outstanding soldiers, “I first met Jafar Khan, a Gheba Malik from Surag a village near Pindi Gheb,... More


Is China turning up heat on Indian through Pakistan flank amid...

While Chinese and Indian troops face off near Bhutan, skirmishes between Indian and Pakistani forces along the disputed border in Kashmir have spiralled dangerously since May, threatening India with hostilities on two flanks. But even though... More

Time to Get Tough on Kabul

The Trump administration’s review of U.S. policy towards Afghanistan is likely to conclude in the next few weeks. It is expected that an assessment of the current U.S. security policy toward Kabul will see... More

Trump’s new Afghan strategy and neighbors’ concerns

In the past, America's abstruse Afghan strategy has deteriorated the security situation in the region. Perhaps the strategy was not planned meticulously. It was ambiguous. Or perhaps it was well-calculated and clear but only... More

Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China

Since Indian troops illegally crossed into the Doklam area, China and India have been locked in a stand-off for over a month. Regardless of China's call urging India to withdraw its troops that have... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate Gorkhaland. I told them in no way... More

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