Bad weather causes damages in 14 islands

Torrential rain and strong winds caused damages in 14 islands as a bout of bad weather continues to wreak havoc across the Maldives. Fathmath Thasneem, head... More

MP Faris Maumoon barred from visiting dying aunt

MP Faris Maumoon, son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, was barred from visiting his dying aunt in Singapore because he might not return to... More

Islamic Development Bank pledges US$117m

The Islamic Development Bank has pledged facilities worth more than US$117 million to finance infrastructure and waste management projects. Finance Minister Ahmed Munawar secured the funds... More

Police summons issued to liberal bloggers with threat of...

The Maldives Police Service has summoned three liberal bloggers living overseas and threatened to seek prosecution in absentia if they fail to return to the... More

STELCO warns of more power cuts in Malé

The State Electricity Company has warned of more power cuts in Malé after damage to a high-voltage cable left most of the capital without electricity... More

Maldives to join IORA     

President Abdulla Yameen has decided on the Maldivian participation in the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IORA). The decision was made following a Cabinet... More

Elections Commission to disburse funds for political parties

The Elections Commission has decided to pay out MVR23 million (US$1.5 million) in state funding for four political parties with more than 10,000 registered members. The... More

‘A dark day’: lawyers and legal experts react to...

The supreme court’s judgment declaring itself the final authority on the validity of no-confidence and impeachment votes has drawn widespread criticism from lawyers, lawmakers and... More

Maldives SC will make final decision on all no...

Supreme Court of the Maldives has passed a verdict saying that they would be making the final decision in all of the no confidence votes... More

Missing landing craft found by Indian navy

A landing craft that went missing with six people onboard last week was found Saturday night with the help of the Indian navy. The Maria-3 vessel... More

MNDF: No connection between oil spill, tugboat; search ongoing

There’s no connection between the oil spill found in the ocean and the tugboat “Mariya-3” which went missing with six people onboard while traveling from... More

Bad weather wreaks havoc across Maldives

Torrential rain, thunderstorms, and rough seas have been wreaking havoc across the Maldives with the onset of the south-west monsoon. On Wednesday night, a tornado struck the southernmost... More

Judge lifts conditions imposed on MV opposition leader Gasim

The criminal court has lifted restrictive conditions imposed on Maldives opposition Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim when he was released from police custody last week. The... More

MV Supreme court asked to restrict parliament’s powers to...

The Attorney General’s office has asked the supreme court to determine that the parliament can only dismiss cabinet ministers for committing an impeachable offence. According to... More

Female candidates win majorities on four island councils

Female candidates won majorities on island councils for the first time in the Maldives’ third municipal elections on May 6. Voters on the islands of Thakandhoo... More

Yameen’s murder case sent to UN committees for inquiry

Case of the brutal murder of local human rights activist and blogger – Yameen Rasheed- has been sent to relevant United Nations committees for inquiry by... More

Maldives opposition leader Gasim released

The Maldives criminal court has released Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim with conditions after 20 days in police custody. According to defence lawyer Hisaan Hussain, the... More

Maldives Ruling party concedes defeat in council polls

Amid the initial confusion over contrasting provisional results, both parties had claimed victory in the elections. The confusion seems to stem from the contrasting preliminary results... More

Maumoon Gayoom’s SG pays MVR85k fine for contempt of...

Abdul Aleem, the secretary-general of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction of the divided ruling party, has paid an MVR85,000 (US$5,500) fine for contempt of... More

Maldives local elections: both sides claim victory

Both the ruling PPM and opposition coalitions in Maldives have claimed victory in the local council elections held on Saturday (6 May). The ruling coalition lead... More

Council election campaign concludes

The Maldives local council election campaign concluded with final rallies in Malé on Thursday night followed by marches and vehicle rallies across the country on... More


Myanmar embraces responsible business

Myanmar’s economic performance is increasingly causing foreign investors to shy away from the country, while local businesses complain of government inertia. But the government insists that the country is on the verge of a major economic take off. “Myanmar is like a plane running on the runway in... More

Eid and the culture of the travelling classes

The local grocer asked me if I was going outside Dhaka for Eid. I replied that I was totally urban with no village home to visit and wish or means to pursue fun and shopping in Kolkata or Bangkok or elsewhere. He was disappointed as many of... More

Talent and sprit running wild

Precariously making the cut for the eighth and final spot on the ICC ODI rankings, Pakistan came into the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy tournament as rank underdogs. Routed by India in their very first match by a whopping 124 runs, almost everyone gave up on Pakistan. One... More

Better Late than Never

As they say, better late than never. One of the more positive moves of India's Modi government has also been one of its least publicised one. Perhaps because the move to ratify the UN TIR convention will not provide much domestic mileage. India has now ratified the... More

The violent route to states’ reorganization in India

Although India has been a democracy with a plethora of institutions to solve political, social and economic problems through debate and discussion, significant domestic changes have come about, not through constitutional means, but through violence. Indian ruling classes, whether ethnic, linguistic or religious, have shown a consistent tendency... More


By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir?

It was like an Eid gift from US president Donald Trump to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. The Muslims of the sub-continent were celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr on the night of June 26, when the US administration,... More

Belt and Road helps Nepal diversify relations and expand trade ties

Despite a high amount of political pressure exerted by India, Nepal signed a Belt and Road initiative deal with China on May 12, three years after a preliminary agreement. It is believed that Nepal would... More

Dynamics of Afghan conflict

The United States has finally understood that it is not winning in Afghanistan and that it needs to forge a fresh strategy to attain its objectives. Its long-running objective has been to defeat the... More

Attack on Fakhrul sends ominous signal for politics

Having faced insulting comments and criticism from the ruling party, secretary general of the opposition BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir had wanted to go and stand by the side of the suffering people of... More



Reaction to “Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade”

David Bergman, British investigative journalist based in Bangladesh, commented on a recently published column of South Asian Monitor titled "SOUTHERN EYE: Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade" in his facebook profile. "This is a fascinating and detailed article... More

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