Maldives: Fresh charges against former Minister and MMPRC head

Fresh charges have been pressed against former Maldives Vice President and Minister of Tourism Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor and former Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Abdulla... More

Soldiers surround speaker as opposition MPs protest in Maldives parliament

A week after the unprecedented expulsion of lawmakers from the parliament by the police and military, the People’s Majlis resumed Monday with soldiers surrounding Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed as opposition MPs... More

Maldives Opposition MPs: No confidence against Maseeh will hold

MPs of the opposition has said that the no confidence motion against the Speaker of the parliament, Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed with 45 signatures are still valid and would hold. Since the no... More

Maldives: Caution advised following turbulent weather

National Meteorological Center has said that torrential rain and strong winds area expected across the country for Friday and Saturday. The MET Office said on Friday that heavy rain in expected with... More

Maldives: Seven journalists arrested from opposition protest

Seven journalists and cameramen from two private TV stations were arrested Wednesday night while covering a protest outside the Maldivian Democratic Party meeting hall in Malé. Adam Janah, Ahmed Riffath, Mohamed Shanoon, and Abdullah... More

Western powers call on Maldives to restore independence of parliament

Western democracies have called on the Maldivian government to immediately restore the independence of the legislature after the unprecedented expulsion of opposition lawmakers from the parliament building by the police and... More

No-confidence motion against AG Anil dismissed

The petition for a no-confidence motion against Maldives Attorney General Mohamed Anil has been dismissed by People’s Majlis. The petition was dismissed due to reference to the wrong Article of Constitution a... More

MV Opposition MPs forced out after soldiers and police storm parliament

Police officers and soldiers in riot gear forcibly dragged out opposition lawmakers from the parliament building and arrested two in dramatic scenes Monday afternoon as protests raged in Malé. The police spokesman said Specialist Operations... More

Faaris files appeal against remand extension

The order for the arrest and remand extension against the MP for Dhiggaru constituency and son of former president Mamoon Abdul Gayoom, Ahmed Faaris Maumoon has been submitted for appeal. Criminal Court... More

Maldives continues to be named a FCO ‘Human Rights Priority Country’

On the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) made public its annual Human Rights Report for 2016. Maldives is one of 30 ‘Human Rights Priority Countries’ (HRPCs), countries with which the... More

Majlis throws out no-confidence motion

The July 24 no-confidence vote against the speaker has been cancelled after four MPs were stripped of their seats, Deputy Speaker ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik informed lawmakers Thursday morning. Without the disqualified MPs,... More

Four ex-PPM MPs stripped of seats

The Elections Commission has declared that four lawmakers have lost their seats as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s controversial anti-defection ruling, triggering by-elections in the four constituencies. The apex court ruled last Thursday... More

“Elections notified to dismiss members from PPM”

The MP for Thulusdhoo constituency, Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim (Lawyer Wadde) and the MP for Vilingili constituency, Saud Hussain and the MP for Maduvvari constituency, Mohamed Ameeth has said that PPM has... More

Anti-defection ruling will not apply retroactively, clarifies Supreme Court

Lawmakers who left their parties before Thursday’s controversial anti-defection ruling will not be stripped of their seats, the Supreme Court clarified in an order issued Sunday night. The apex court explained that the ruling “cannot be... More

Supreme Court anti-defection ruling: mix reactions

The Maldives Supreme Court’s controversial anti-defection ruling threw into doubt the opposition’s bid to unseat the speaker and wrest control of parliament with defections from the divided ruling party. In a joint statement, the four-party... More

Opposition leader agree to elect MPs who lose their seats

Following the Supreme Court ruling, the leaders of the coalition has agreed to elect the MPs who lose their seat, in the by-election. The opposition leaders in agreement are the former Presidents... More

MPs will forfeit seat for leaving party, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court has granted an anti-defection ruling sought by the Attorney General to strip MPs of their seats if they cross the floor. Delivering a three-judge panel’s unanimous decision Thursday evening, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed declared... More

MP Rasheed caught in lie over forged signature

Maldives MP Ahmed Rasheed publicly confessed Tuesday to signing a no-confidence motion against the speaker of parliament despite previously alleging that his signature was forged. Shortly after the opposition alliance submitted the... More

PPM backs anti-defection ruling from MV Supreme Court

The joint parliamentary group of the ruling coalition declared support on Tuesday for a Supreme Court ruling that would tie lawmakers to political parties and strip defectors of their seats. Several MPs... More

Case against Qasim thrown out of court

The three cases against the Leader of the Jumhooree Party, Qasim Ibrahim has been dismissed from the court after the state prosecutor failed to show up at the Criminal Court. After Qasim's... More

Supreme Court asked to disqualify lawmakers who switch parties

Attorney General Mohamed Anil has asked the Supreme Court to declare that MPs who leave their party, joins another party or is expelled from the party will lose their seat. A first hearing... More


The Daughters of the East

Sheikh Hasina and Aung San Suu Kyi have so much in common. Daughters of great fathers who spearheaded the freedom struggle of their countries, both lost their fathers before they could get to run or had just about run... More

Pakistan mulls over new US policy for a...

A Times of India report of September 19 claimed that the US was “moving closer to designating Pakistan a terrorist state.” Reasons for this include, the report claimed, Pakistan’s non-cooperation in Afghanistan and its unwillingness to act against the... More

Suu Kyi: New promises but no commitments  

AASK’s speech could be the best delivered under the circumstances but it’s also full of misleading hopes and commitments never kept. The speech will buy time for the Myanmar military but may not do much at all to solving... More

Lady: “Caught between a rock and a hard...

Four hundred thousand Muslim Rohingyas have fled across the border to Bangladesh from Myanmar in the last 3 weeks to escape the army’s clearance operations. Human rights groups claim it’s a “scorched earth” policy – reminiscent of the military’s... More

The illusion of Indo-China rapprochement at BRICS

The recently concluded BRICS summit was meaningful in anumber of ways. More than anything else, it left a powerful impression of increasing rapprochement between two Asian rivals, India and China, after two months of intense standoff in the Doklam... More


Reviving India’s economy

Given the Indian economy’s massive size and extensive global linkages, its growth slowdown is a source of serious concern not just domestically, but around the world. The... More

Suffering has a name

Suffering is universal and part of the human condition and life. In history however, suffering is quite specific. Suffering carries a name, sometimes of an individual and... More

Trump’s N Korean challenge: can Pakistan be next?

It appears that the Trump administration is not willing to learn any lessons from the vast riches of US diplomatic history. The one thing that stands out... More

Was Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech too little, too late?

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi's speech to the nation about the humanitarian plight of the Rohingya people is too little too late for those in the... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More